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[OC] UPDATE - 2.5 years of my GF and I tracking the sleep quality impact of various choices/behaviours. These were the 9 most significant effects. Note - white dash indicates the % effect 5 months ago.

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  1. Hey, sorry for your loss. Are you on an Android device, by chance? I see where one of my colleagues identified a bug in which the Android app sometimes isn't respecting "hidden" posts, but I'm only seeing one report of this so far. Would you be willing to help us out by grabbing a few things for our engineers?

  2. I'm also on Android. Posts are not being hidden, subs are not being muted, and I'm pretty sure I'm seeing comments from blocked users too.

  3. How is anyone supposed to answer that question when catch rate is computed based on the Pokémon itself, your medal levels, and other factors?

  4. R/pokemongo is a better spot for posts like this.

  5. I think it's good to have one positivity post here. Plenty of rage posts to look at if you want.

  6. Why does there have to be personal attacks coming from you in a sub that's about data and research?

  7. was doing a raid when the game crashed... there goes my remote pass :/

  8. Contact support once you can. They will refund your pass.

  9. i did this for the UB event (progress reset after i did all 7 but didn't claim the rewards yet), so i ended up having to do 14 raids to get my celesteela and they were like "sorry event ended cant do anything about"... a few days after the event ended

  10. Are you talking about wasted remote passes or something else? Because they don't refund the free orange passes.

  11. The first one was the first "different" shadow animation and I personally thought it looked way cooler. Looked more in line with the current Apex ones than the one does now. At least the way it blended too

  12. Why are you so adamant on that? Its actually even worse if you turn Mewtwo around!

  13. From “protect the kids” to “beat them viciously” in 2.3 seconds. Makes me remember the teacher calling my Nanny about giving me a spanking and Nanny loudly through the phone telling her if she laid a hand on her grandchild she’d whoop her ass so bad her momma would feel it.

  14. They want to murder LGBTQ+ people, not just harass them.

  15. We need to stop ragging on people who work to support their families.

  16. Trump's instinct was right: a vague amount of name recognition and an R was all Republican voters needed to vote for this guy. Walker being able to make rural Georgians go "Oh yeah, isn't he that guy who...?" was much more important than all his abortions, lies, lack of policy stances, and his complete inadequacy as a political candidate or even as a functional adult.

  17. It's also a major flex that a holocaust denier and slavery revisionist have to approach him at his "castle". That's a major reason why Trump lost his cool when Kanye wanted Trump to be his VP instead of trying to be Trumps VP. They are supposed to be making the pilgrimage to bend the knee to Trump.

  18. When two different unique brands of mental disease collide.

  19. Yes. Kanye is way more detached from reality. There's something else going on there.

  20. It's important to remember that before interior lighting and heating, even though it's dark, you're not actually asleep all night. Humans have been know to have biphasic sleep, where half way through the night you would be awake for ~2 hours to take care of things like tending to the fire.... or making babies...

  21. After you turn 40, you get to look forward to bladder-phasic sleeping because the Piss Gods need you to go every 2 hours.

  22. I shit you not, put some tape over your mouth before you sleep, to make yourself breathe through your nose and you'll pee far less if at all. It feels very weird at first but it works for a lot of people.

  23. They're empty. All they have is a bunch of vague grievances. Many of these representatives represent some of the poorest parts of the country and this is how the stand up for their people.

  24. The headline with the picture says it all. Another miserable, old, rich, Republican elected official wants to fuck over the middle class again.

  25. Sleeping in bed with partner, thermostat, separate duvet covers.. OP I have deduced that your GF is a human radiator

  26. It's way easier to warm up than cool off in most situations, especially when trying to sleep.

  27. I feel like the Trump investigation isn't even worth it at this point. It's become too political and there is almost nothing to be gained from it.

  28. Jesus fucking Christ what will it take to arrest this man? He's already admitted to crimes on national television.

  29. This horseshit needs to end and he needs to be indicted. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Glenn Kirschner wad very much against appointing a special counsel because it will delay things even more.

  30. Maybe if Niantic isn't putting it in the list, then it might not actually be a problem with the game. There have been no reports here of anything like that happening.

  31. In Scarlet/Violet the ball shakes a lot faster. I'd like to think they got it from that

  32. I'm very happy with how fast and smooth the catch sequence is in S&V.

  33. Guys seriously, what's up with the negativity over this announcement? Jesus Christ. The top 3 comments are negative vitriol and the rest aren't much better.

  34. We really need mods to clean up this thread. Besides the usual vitriol over everything Niantic does, we have people calling each other "white knights" and one guy accusing people of bullying him because they disagreed with him.

  35. Why remove the ability for people to capture a mythical Pokémon just because of the spawns, which aren't stellar anyway?

  36. You're not entirely wrong, except when you do so badly that it negatively impacts your reputation. I've only heard of these Elite Raid populations being attended less. That's a signal to go back to the drawing board.

  37. Fix it. But don't take it away from people because one part of it has an issue that is not game-breaking.

  38. Why all the anger? I hadn’t seen it and actually thought it looked cool - can’t post here anymore without people jumping all over you - yikes!

  39. Why are you bringing emotion into it? I said please and reminded you of the sub's rules. We aren't supposed to post minor graphical glitches.

  40. Can we please stop with every minor graphical glitch being reported as a bug? It's literally in the sub's rules and this one has been reported before.

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