1. Why you bringing up Atlanta? We are not homophobic in our city.

  2. He was saying y’all mostly homosexual.

  3. lmao. For someone who’s asking everyone to do better, this person is very rude and condescending. I presume Dyett is some public HS in Chicago that he looks down on?

  4. It’s just ignorance for a reaction/engagements. I wouldn’t even pay him any attention.

  5. Internet nicca? Where you at in houston?

  6. been here a few years. What side of town you on gangsta?

  7. Died ova sum dumb shit shoulda been in Argentinia enjoying steak or sum rip takeoff

  8. Is anyone surprised when people who shoot at others go to jail or get killed in retaliation?

  9. You snapping on them nba plays Jigga Man 🔥🔥🔥

  10. No doubt Philly always been grimey but every nigga I met from there say all they shorties on von type time, n it got worse when he died

  11. I feel it. Them niccas been on that, I just saw that nicca skinny me got an L +25 today. Niccas linked a video of AR Ab saying he seen the nicca smoke some shit then go to the studio and put it in a song 🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. Ab my dude but no lie he was saying way 2 much, like I said Philly been reckless but von got a black cloud ova the young n*ggaz, I really think he influence more of the youth outside Chicago than in it

  13. Lol I just ate breakfast, and I’m just responding to your comment cause you said something this morning

  14. stop responding to me and fill out as many applications as you can.

  15. What type of shit happening in Germany today? What the weather like?

  16. Ahhh its still nice outside getting colder day by day tho which isnt that bad because it was way to hot this summer thanks for asking. Everybody just focused on either politics or their work not much happening rn besides the gas situation with russia. Whats going on in the US rn?

  17. same shit. the weather up and down, rain + tryna get cold. everybody distracted by this kanye shit, inflation going crazy but we living. tryna make it bacc home at the end of every day.

  18. As soon as someone mention racism this sub gets so offended💀

  19. “All skin folk ain’t kinfolk” lil dawg

  20. They need to stay in school for atleast 10 more years

  21. I ain’t mean to sound rude lol. But allat being on point stuff is a myth in the streets.

  22. Not a myth, just ain’t always reliable.

  23. It’s a myth. Being “on point” will not protect your life. Only prolong the inevitable

  24. Death is inevitable whether live in a bubble or not. Awareness is not a myth at all. It’s lowkey a skill most people lacc.

  25. I’m feeling it. Any overs/unders you like?

  26. Who you got top 5 right now? Houston have a decent scene, the artists just don’t seem like they care to blow outside of Texas.

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