1. How do you find the bubbletron? Have tossed up getting one for a while to use as a filter. See ms pretty versatile which I need given I’m not just after your usual envelope filter funk sounds

  2. It is pretty freakin weird at the factory settings. If you are looking for trippy Zappa-esque stuff, then use as-is. There is a DIP switch inside, immediately under the cover, that turns it into a more traditional envelope filter, flanger, phaser. It sounds good I think. I like it better than my DOD envelope filter.

  3. I spent a long time laboring over the decision to get a Tumnus vs getting a Mythical Overdrive. Maybe I should've just saved myself the time and just gotten both. Do they work swapped in order as well?

  4. TC Flashback 2 is a nice delay that does a lot and won't break the bank. Also has a looper function. I've also used a Donner Yellow Fall delay, and it is simple and sounds good on a budget.

  5. Bubbletron-MO-RAT-Timmy in front. OBNE eq-Mr. Moto- Flashback in effects loop. This is the first time I've used an effects loop. My current board is too small to fit them all + the Quilter, so I'm building another.

  6. Rimrock Mythical Overdrive (vintage spec), JHS @+, MXR Timmy

  7. I was looking into this not long ago. The ones I had narrowed it down to were Rimrock Mythical Overdrive, Wampler Tumnus, the Ryra klone, and the Archer. There is a great Anderton's video where they do a blind shootout, and the Tumnus won out.

  8. Yikes. Its sucking the moisture out of my eyes.

  9. I'm game. Cajuns and lobsters are long-sundered enemies. The legendary battle continues.

  10. Dr85 is the one for me. I've used it for years.

  11. Until I really learned how to cook it, I had several meals where I was choking down over cooked meat. Tough and gamey.

  12. I've done a duck bourguinon in my instant pot and it was good.

  13. I can understand not killing game if your not gonna eat it, but fish? No r+r fishing?

  14. Not for me. Once I catch enough, I'm outta there. If I can go fishing and wrap it up in time for a late breakfast on the way home? That's a homerun. Literally.

  15. I buy them on Amazon. I like Derby blades. Astra and Dorco are good too. You can get 100 blades for about $6-8. Feather blades are top of the line I think, more expensive. Feathers are ssshhharp.

  16. My number 1 for this reason. That suit of armor is found all over the place if you look hard enough.

  17. I like that cabinet. Is that burlap? 12 inch speaker? What is the head's wattage? I'm digging it.

  18. I believe this is the Causeway that crosses Lake Ponchartrain just north of New Orleans. Its 24 miles long, and folks are always cutting up on that thing.

  19. Luther Allison - Life is a Bitch, Bad News is Coming

  20. How about Keeley BubbleTron? That thing is weird.

  21. Gym Jordan will be forced to wear a full tuxedo as punishment.

  22. 10 minute psychedelic kazoo solo in the wrong key.

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