1. Flat is justice. Looks better without all that extra fat.

  2. They shouldn’t release a new one until they are able to do lossless audio otherwise there won’t be any reason to upgrade if the sound quality is the same

  3. Its definitely Second Stage alright. I'm guessing Takumi vs Kyoichi?

  4. I kinda dig the CGI of second stage. It grew on me.

  5. Thing is, usually all games run on the switch out of the box. How well they do depends on the Devs but for the most part pretty much all indie games run on switch with the added benefit of being able to carry around the console easier and easily being able to use it on a TV without buying a dock separately unlike the Deck. The Switch is just more practical in its own way.

  6. I had a different experience. All games I played on the deck ran better (load times, graphics...), while indie games on the switch didn't always do that. Subnautica 2 ran at 10fps in some parts, in subnautica 1 the rendering distance was too low to see light in a cave that got me stuck for a bit. Especially with the amount of shovelware on the e-shop.

  7. Interesting to see that the Face ID sensor has less range but is much, much more detailed than the LiDAR sensor. Interesting stuff.

  8. Wait how the hell are withered bonnie and classic bonnie in the same room

  9. Pretty sure that’s Toy Bonnie. Look at the cheeks. Edit: after closer inspection, I see classic Bonnie. My bad.

  10. My man with the custom Elite controller. Respect ✊🏼

  11. 😎 had been waiting years for them to add the Elite series to the design lab. Had to make one when they finally did. Not disappointed.

  12. Oh man same here. I’m totally in love with mine but I hardly use it because I don’t wanna wear it out lol.

  13. That’s a badass screen protector. I would totally get it but the bezels on the Switch OLED are too small.

  14. I think Freddy looks the most uncanny and creepy. Well done

  15. Yeah un-centered eyes give me the creeps.

  16. I’m assuming the PS2 outlasted the PS3? I heard they were very fragile and broke down easily vs the PS2s.

  17. The OLED screen is worth the upgrade alone man. I used to have the 11.

  18. That’s some stunning shots my guy.

  19. If the two fought, Vigilante would win almost every time. Deluxo missiles will just hit the road on the back of the Vigilante. All you gotta do is time the boost. Both have the same tier of missile tracking too.

  20. The way she twitches in the game makes me think that she’s on cocaine

  21. Nah man she’s high on Monty’s mystery mix.

  22. ”that planet Earrrrrth turns slooooowly”

  23. PC players didn’t receive a few cars that E&E got and we didn’t get HSW upgrades so its basically like they are treating us like old gen

  24. It should be the opposite. Provided you have a top of the line PC, it buries the next gen consoles.

  25. Elite controllers are the best controller there is .. but it’s also the worst controller there is . Stick drift stuck A button sensitive numbers.. everything you can think of. I myself are trying to think of other controllers when I finally bury this elite 2 it’s literally hanging on by a thread. I don’t recommend you spending all that money on it. I think I’m going to try scuf this next go around

  26. You won’t regret going with Scuf. My instinct Pro is miles better than my Elite Series 2s.

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