AITA for packing my kid an “inappropriate” lunch?

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  1. No one deserves to be harassed while doing their job. You went over the line in your responses. YTA

  2. HR should save themselves a pile of trouble and just rescind the job opportunity.

  3. Yeah, hopefully the observer reports them to the requesting company.

  4. You forked the knight and bishop. If the the white knight takes yours, your bishop can take the queen.

  5. It's not just that. If white takes the knight, black takes the queen.

  6. He must have edited it since it was just the first line when I made my comment.

  7. I saw the title and thought "how much would I bet OP is not white and the teacher objected to food from their culture." And yep, nailed it. NTA, OP

  8. I went the opposite way and expected some white trash person cutting sandwiches into gun shapes. OP is NTA.

  9. A lot of humans are smart enough to know and still do it anyway. I think we can cut cats a break.

  10. Yup. I indulge in shakes every now and then, and it's totally worth it.

  11. Thanks. I guess I misunderstood the rule. They didn't do the same repeated move 3 times. How does it actually work?

  12. It's literally the same position repeated three times on the board. All the pieces in exactly the same place and the same player to move. The repetitions can happen with any number of moves in between them.

  13. Thanks. I think I get it now. So, what you are saying is that it would be a draw if I moved my king 10 times without moving any other pieces as long as 3 of the moves I made were repeated during those 10 moves?

  14. Tara works too (from home) and she told me they could afford it. She is definitely not in danger and she is not abused, but I'm afraid of her becoming depressed (if she is not already) as she talked about feeling like a prisoner so much.

  15. INFO: Has your friend considered the extra costs that come with leaving a support network? Without the network they have there, they will not only incur all of the cost of living increases that come with moving to a big city but also have to pay for child care, etc. I don't know their financial state, but there are a lot of things that go into moving. I make good money and could not afford to move right now due to some of the things I've mentioned above. It's complicated. I understand your concern for your friend, but sometimes it's not as easy to move as people think.

  16. And they may have to hire private carers which can be a lot if they don’t qualify nor have programs for help with assistance. If family and friends are helping for free and supporting the husband then Tara needs to take into consideration the cost to replace all that they will be losing. There is a lot to consider and everyone’s feelings are valid.

  17. Yeah, there are so many unknowns. It sounds like no one is coming from a place of malace based on OPs' previous comments.

  18. Face down in the dirt, she said "This doesn't hurt!"

  19. DD MMM YYYY - 16 Feb 2023. So long as the DD/MM and MM/DD formats remain at war, no format with a number for the month can be trusted.

  20. I use this format as well, minus the spaces. 16Feb2023, for instance.

  21. I mean, you can still pre-order after reviews drop. You won't get user reviews, but I think in general the critic reviews will tell you if the game is broken, or a masterpiece, or somewhere in between.

  22. Eh, I don't really trust reviews these days. They all seem to have an agenda, or I just don't end up agreeing with them. There have been games that I've liked with bad reviews and games with good reviews that I've hated.

  23. Info: what exactly do you think they’re going to be teaching that you need to review before signing off on the class?

  24. Some people would want to have a pre and post talk with their children before they were taught. There is nothing wrong with talking before the class about what they should expect to learn and then following up after to discuss anything that was confusing. My kids are getting to that age, and I would do the same.

  25. Now this, I can understand. Parenting and teaching go hand in hand, it’s up to the parents to work with the teachers to get the best results. My question to OP was legitimate but also because, to my mind, there are undertones to everything he is saying. I could be wrong, but he seems very fixated on what exactly is going to be discussed in this class. If he is uncomfortable with his kid learning about certain things…….well, I could guess what they are.

  26. Very true. His tone and attitude scream that there is more, but who is to say for sure except OP. I have a hunch, but I still hope that I am wrong.

  27. To be fair, the game should have had some detours that make you explore more. Sometimes when I play games I wait to explore an area because I think there will be a quest there soon.

  28. I'm the same way. I purposely avoid areas until there is a quest in them. Then I do everything there is in those areas.

  29. 90% of the map isn’t used in the main storyline which I noticed when I hit chapter 13 and was like holy shit most of the maps still blacked out. Trying to unlock all those areas is something else now, it’s so tedious. Kinda wish they hadn’t shoved all the Tantas so close together and expanded them to further reaches of the map as it’s just wasted potential

  30. Right!? I'm a completionist up to a point. I explore everything around me, but I don't go running off to the edges of the world unless something brings me there. If a side quest says to kill a beast at the edge of the world, I'll complete everything I find along the way. But, if nothing prompts me to go there, I wont.

  31. Technical issues are valid 100%. I brought up the low settings NOT to shame but, because it has high requirements and poor optimisation? I bet plenty of people HAVE to play on low and that's valid. But I think it looks fine on my PS5

  32. I got it on Steam, and the game is definitely poorly optimized. Overall, though, I like the game. My biggest gripe is on the SD. The map takes too long to open and close.

  33. I hated the demo, but I got the game anyway with the intention of returning it if I didn't like it. I'm about 8 hours in, and it's not bad. I've been jumping back and forth on SD and PC, and it does have some issues, but it's not all bad. My biggest gripe is on the SD. The map takes about 10 seconds to open and another 10 to close. I'm still tweaking settings trying to fix it, but I haven't figured it out yet.

  34. I didn't like the demo at all, but I'm 8 hours into the game, and it's not bad. There are things I don't like, but it's about what I expected.

  35. I wonder if saying, "I wish you couldn't count past two" would work?

  36. Did you install the new dock firmware that came out a couple of weeks ago?

  37. I did a few days ago. This problem was before that update and persists after it.

  38. I moved to Unreal back in 2017 after 2 years of Unity. At first I hated it, the learning curve was REALLY steep. I eventually got it after a few weeks and never looked back. Unreal is just a way better engine. It provides every tool you need to make your game out of the box. The developers behind the engine actually know what game development is like, and know what direction to pursue with each new update. Rather than do whatever is that the management at Unity seems to be doing.

  39. I second this. I found switching to UE4 when I did from Unity was an excellent move. The blueprint system is pretty robust, and if there is something you would prefer to code, you can use both in your game.

  40. I have in on my wishlist right now. I can't wait until they open up early access.

  41. They call lab diamonds lab made diamonds so I’m guessing you’ll just see it called lab made meats which is very boring. I’d rather have my leat for dinner, thank you.

  42. How about combined to form Leat? It's quick and easy to say and still sounds like meat.

  43. Yep, as per the university's guidelines.

  44. This got me on my first chapter of my doctoral dissertation. I was told to link all of my thoughts to a source. Since this was APA, whenever I cited something, I would list the authors' names. The string of names plus a word like "the", "a", or something of the like would flag as plagiarism. I ended up having to delete out pages of work and try and reword things. After about 7 times, I got it below 10%.

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