1. You can say that but you better think that consig is smarter than the investigator

  2. Don’t worry, they’ll come back alive on that 1 part where the protagonist is weak and gave up

  3. I wonder why HAL decided to make most of them green in this mode?

  4. Tac…I mean the attack makes me imagine slapping the hell out of the bosses/mini bosses

  5. does the great papyrus who disguised as human who also disguised as a skeleton get to be the royal guard?

  6. Well people mostly complain about: “its a short game that can be beaten 3-4 hours” or “the game is TOO easy than the rest”

  7. 1st: make sure you age restrict your account so that you don’t see NSFW

  8. I mean…you would stay home because you got plundered…did you expect a townie/evil escape the pirate? It’s like on the witch trials so I don’t think they will be creative enough to escape the pirate

  9. wow, I definitely SHOULD be mad because I got rbed as veteran…oh well too bad I can’t alert /s

  10. I don’t know why people are shocked…but at this point I’m too afraid to ask

  11. Achievement: “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”

  12. Dude you are being fed with lies, purple is dying you know?

  13. Well gosh darn it…it said: “do you know task well?”

  14. Just a reminder: shapeshifters can vent when shapeshifted

  15. Yea I mean…if it has something to do with offending someone(example: being part of a religion even tho the subbreddit isn’t part of it)…so yea that can happen

  16. I rarely used you, but you kept the System alive, my friend...

  17. The eshop has been known to be used for downloading digital purchases to entertain someone, making them feel happy and having fun

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