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  1. I’ll bet you that Lego will be either assassin or support

  2. And that’s what I learned in town of salem: karma will always be there…it can happen N-1 or more…who knows when…it will happen sooner or later

  3. As a man who respect wiki, I shall give you a wonderful gift: a award and a upvote

  4. Don’t know but according my detective work it has something to do with a horse painting

  5. People have amnesia from round to round. I’m convinced of it.

  6. True which is why I get note to always note on what happened…like “red is clear for scanning” and “saw blue and pink standing on a body, seems like a attempt to double kill” and etc.

  7. To me…I am sick of host kicking me cause I was being big brain

  8. “Uh…no royal guard undye l don’t have a basement full of dead kids”

  9. It’ll be also funny that their victory animation is about them convincing the real Tom and Jerry to do evils/good deeds

  10. I remember playing ori…I can listen the main menu music…it feels nostalgic

  11. It's funny because Sheo is still stronger than Oro and Mato together

  12. Yea despite he isn’t interested in fighting and was more into creativity

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