1. It's being run on "Event Construct" which only occurs once, when the game is started. You'll want to trigger this with your own custom events when you swap weapons

  2. That's something I was looking for, thank you for the tip!

  3. Good Job! It doesnt have crouch, does it?

  4. Sounds good, eager to see it being uploaded

  5. Alot of people want grim as a mid lane carry, he has the items to support it too...

  6. Such ich auch schon eine Weile, vielleicht hat den ja jemand gespeichert und könnte ihn teilen?

  7. I think not, UT4 stopped being updated in 2018, so I assume it's at least on UE4.24

  8. their repository is actually on 4.15, someone updated it for 4.19.2/4.20.2

  9. Check in the project settings that the correct version of VS is selected

  10. It appears I cant select Visual Studio (

  11. Yes, Visual Studio Community 2017 is installed

  12. great tip, thanks! now I just have to fix all the erros in the code to make it work

  13. Bushido definitv der bekannteste Rapper Deutschlands, auch mit dem längsten Hype

  14. Nur auf einzelne Rapper bezogen?

  15. Stimme vollkommen zu, Kollegah oder Farid können Bushido was Hype angeht nimmer das Wasser reichen.

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