1. Where in CA are you located? Interested in 4790k bundle

  2. I'm in LA. Meetup options around 90036 or 90065

  3. Looking to do something similar to be honest, how long is it with the seat all set up?

  4. What are you looking to spend on a controller?

  5. Not sure, just looking for something that would connect to the pc quickly without needing to setup drivers and software like for playstation controllers

  6. Hey I just responded to your post right now haha. I'll actually be in Sac next week from the 24th to 26th for the holidays if that works with you. I'll be in Florin

  7. Oh ok cool lol. Yea I would be open to meeting then.

  8. I wouldn't mind driving a bit if that makes it easier. Let me know in PM's where you think would be a good place to meet and we can work something out

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