1. Don’t need a basin wrench, reach under and try to lock your hand around the nut, with your other hand twist the tap above to the right

  2. Looks like there is thread tape behind it, might just be fairly tight

  3. You need a general plumber, not specifically a 'gas fitter' as some people are saying. It's a leak on the water connection and any plumber worth his salt should replace that with copper and be able to do it within an hour MAX

  4. Ok. Very thankful for all the feedback. I will try heating the pipe between the wall and valve in the basement. Then I will think about working on the stem and packing nut but will most likely call the plumber since I know when I am out of my depth. Either way I will provide feedback this evening after I get home from work. Thanks again everyone.

  5. Easy fix, turn water off and go to the hardware and get a replacement valve, gate valves are known for snapping off/ getting stuck shut inside of the valve the are a piece of shit

  6. Turn water off, wind the tap all the way out, get a pair of multi grips/ a shifter and tighten around the hex nut at the back, apply pressure and then do a hard snapping motion on it to loosen it

  7. Need to contact jagex billing, if your account was hacked they probably used a credit card to buy bonds then charged it back

  8. Did you try twisting it the other way

  9. Use a thinner screw driver, the internal looks intact still

  10. Awesome, buy one change it and then call a plumber when you disturb the soft solder fittings there and they leak 😅

  11. Bets on the joints crack before they can undo the hemp

  12. Soup has said that he asked viewers for maxed accounts and it just so happen McCune was one of them

  13. McCune has been in torvesta’s vids before, used him for protection at Scorpia on his hcim, probably asked to borrow the acc for GG

  14. Are the washers a pretty standard size? I’ve got the hot water turned off and drained. Could I just nick the washer out of the laundry tap and use that?

  15. 12mm washers for that tap size, also change and grease the o-rings while you have it out

  16. Have a look down the shower drain, over time body fats, hair and all sorts of crap can start to stick to the sides of the pipe before the water seal, if this looks like the problem get some boiling water and pour it down there and use a scrubbing brush to clean off the sides of the pipe then pour some eucalyptus oil around the sides of it, should sort it out if that’s the problem

  17. I think you might be talking about a flush pipe cone not a pan collar

  18. Make sure to hold against yourself when undoing it and tightening it back up, looks like it could be hemp in the thread so enjoy that, also looks like it could be soft soldered joints below so don’t move them around to much or they will split

  19. Locked behind DT2 and requires full graceful and 98 agility

  20. It used to be against the rules to share accounts or use a friend's account but they changed that a few years back.

  21. Pretty sure any infernal runs must be done by the owner of the account

  22. Yes say goodbye to your account gg

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