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  1. I understand the argument that ghost face isn’t licensed because he’s an original character concept but since there is a license for the mask that he’s wearing wouldn’t that still make him a licensed character

  2. Usually tilt skill leads into a reset grab combo which I think is his highest combo only using 2 bars. W/ zenitsu assist and a little different combo string I got a 4500 damage combo on water tanjiro, I think regular reset grab is 4000. That’s why I use it and I do just throw it out if I’m getting nervous but I don’t play online so maybe w/ online delay it’s harder to parry so tengen players feel like it’s safer than it actually is.

  3. They’re on his hip blade up. Probably could just order a belt and put fur on it to blend in w/ his waist pelt with 2 holsters wrapped to match his sheaths

  4. Y’all need to hard reset your games, your lobbies are bugged.

  5. We both have tried unfriending each other, restarting game, restarting party and restarting our consoles and nothing worked

  6. If you double sleeves them with the dragonshield clear matte outer sleeves you should have no problem using them for main or extra deck sleeves. Wouldn't recommend using them as a main deck sleeve without an outer sleeve though

  7. That’s what I figured but I felt like a needed a second opinion just incase. Tysm

  8. It was a good hardflip. Just have to work on controlling it so it stays underneath your fingers.

  9. Ring or cloak, maybe even the Anbu mask depending on how far in they are

  10. Kisame is susceptible to genjutsu. Samehada didn't break kisame out of kurenai 's iirc. Do you think kisame would still win?

  11. I’m pretty sure one of the games has a cannon fight between Kisame and itachi and after some back and forth itachi just shows his ms and Kisame states something along the line of “just seeing that you have to use that means I’ve done enough for today”. I can’t really remember the context but I think it was just sparring but it still has some scaling

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