1. I’ve never gotten the difficulty of this puzzle, I got first it my first try, it was actually really easy lol

  2. YTA, you and your wife should have discussion with your daughter. Her health is extremely important and being overweight leads to more severe problems including death. For context I used to be 300lbs, and I’d my family and friends didn’t say anything to me, I probably would’ve been far worse off than I am now. Being overweight has a lot more to do with health than aesthetics.

  3. I’m in a pretty similar situation as you, don’t download apps unless you are above average looking. If you are average looking or below it will just ruin your confidence.

  4. Have open discussion, don’t shun them away, understand why they are Trump supporters and don’t make assumptions.

  5. The copium of people that think the dense ass muscles in a Gorilla can't lay a grizzly out is kinda insane rn

  6. Look how dense that grizzly is, ad he has claws, fat does of copium right here

  7. A housecat has claws and fat too but I could punch that fucker dead. Look at the muscle on a Gorilla. They can nearly break out of their zoo containment by punching the glass.

  8. There’s a reason bears aren’t put behind glass, 900 lbs of muscle, but monke stands no chance

  9. That’s right up there with someone never owning a car again because someone they loved was run over by one. Owning a firearm is a right in this country, whether you like it or not. My firearms are locked up and safe away from the world. I hunt, I shoot competitively in steel and carry a conceal firearm in certain situations I deem necessary. Why should I, and so many other responsible gun owners completely lose that right because of the choices of a very few? Other than your feelings of course. Sensible adults can differentiate between a tragedy and a constitutional right. I know most in reddit won’t agree, and I don’t care.

  10. Lack of empathy isn't always a bad thing. I legitimately struggle to feel anyone else's emotions and it sucks for personal relations but being able to always look for logic in peoples highly emotional situations and arguments is a big plus.

  11. I really appreciate your comment man. Everyone should arm and educate themselves. Especially women and minorities.

  12. Garrus, Wrex, Grunt, Drax, Tali, Liara, Jaal, and Moridin

  13. Do you mean the Hexagon-Ammo from Geco?

  14. Just so you know, that guy is full of shit and literally none of what he said has any basis in reality.

  15. Sorry. Most people claiming to belong to the group they criticize lie. To make their bigotry look better.

  16. Still have a long ways to go. First pic is recent, second pic was when I was 300lbs.

  17. I was sitting in my room, I had garbage everywhere, I was fat, poor posture, smoked weed everyday after work. I told myself it was enough. I’ve dropped about 65lbs, stopped smoking weed, and I now take 3 college classes after working 60hrs a week.

  18. Oh yeah. What do you read recently? Any recommendations?

  19. I will always recommend a reread of The Wheel of Time. I would recommend the Mistborn series by Sanderson, I’m going to start them soon and I’ve heard they are really good.

  20. God looks upon this community and wishes he never created humans.

  21. The gentleman recognizes the motion as it stands. All in favor, say aye:

  22. Yeah because things should be solved with violence or the threat of violence. That's definitely the best way to solve things. It's not at all a process of unnecessary escalation.

  23. I would love for things to be solved normally. But, we’ve tried that haven’t we? Nothing is getting better, in fact it’s only been getting worse and it’s going to continue getting worse. Voting doesn’t work when the same people continually get voted into power. The system doesn’t work, the wealthy own the government.

  24. If you think doing nothing and being complacent will work, you’re delusional. Have fun licking those boots.

  25. I see this shit and think to myself, why do I even try

  26. Voting sucks, all politicians are greedy fuckers

  27. The 2nd amendment is necessary to the life, liberty, and happiness of the people.

  28. How many of you are actually willing to die for what you believe in? It’s coming to that point, the government cares very little for its people. It only cares about lining their pockets with money.

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