1. This is how I chose my films for the March: Around the World challenge.

  2. There's a lot that I liked about it, but I just could not stand Adam Sandler's character. His uncontrollable, violent outbursts are almost certainly going to end up being abusive and I didn't feel like the film took that seriously enough. It seemed too sympathetic and validating towards shitty dudes.

  3. 167 - I'm on track for an average of a movie every other day and I think that's about my limit.

  4. The Act of Killing. I usually filter out documentaries when I'm searching Letterboxd so I always forget its on my watchlist.

  5. I watched it at work and had to take a half day because I was shook.

  6. None of these are very Christmassy, but they are snowy and wintery.

  7. Thank you! I only seen The Thing out of these, but have multiple on my watchlist. Out of Phantom Thread and I'm Thinking of Ending Things, which ine should I watch first?

  8. They're very different vibes. Both dark, but Phantom Thread is more of a comedy and I'm Thinking of Ending Things is more of a soul crusher.

  9. Adds filters for a film's 'List that contains' page on Letterboxd:

  10. Those elements are all useful to consider when forming your opinion of a film, but as FreeLook93 said, turning them into a rubric doesn't work.

  11. Extension that shows an extra histogram for your friends:

  12. Best in Show has grown on me with every watch and now I think it is perfect.

  13. The grandparents in Saving Face (2005) were great and I think that's their only credit. It's also one of the best rom-coms ever made.

  14. The end credits for Robin Hood (2010) are great, but the movie is pretty bad.

  15. He was also really good in Blade Runner 2049

  16. He felt like he was in a completely different movie to me. He's the only reason I couldn't give it five stars.

  17. Memoria would probably be up there for me but I had such an obnoxious audience that kept taking me out of the experience, so it's hard to judge. There were only like 5 other people, but one was loudly munching popcorn and crunching his bag and the woman who sat directly behind me cleared her throat throughout the movie. It sounded like she was trying to do it quietly but it made the most wretched sound and it would take her like 20 seconds each attempt.

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