1. I’ve had issues w/ it doing the opposite, very light or disturbed sleep.

  2. What’s the one quirky cord after the Am in the chorus

  3. i thinkkk it’s a Csus2 w a flat5 (f#) on the D string (i’m a by-ear guy sorry).

  4. Been listening to the album since it came out grasping for the song that gave me what the older dmb did. Finally got a taste listening to finding a vein early this am, not sure why it always takes multiple listens but….

  5. Every time I vape the Cresco glove my wife says how potent the smell is😅🔥🔥

  6. New album is just short, not even delving into the song by song. Just seems 5yrs would bear a little more fruit

  7. Absence of just cool Dave acoustic guitar licks, haven’t had those in a while

  8. As someone who learned to play guitar in the mid to late 90s, and got pretty heavily into DMB at that time, I can’t tell you how much I agree.

  9. Sounds fun! It’s been a while and would really like to make it out.

  10. This strain made me feel sooo foggy the next day

  11. I'm really enjoying it. Great subdued herbal flavor. Great body effect and gets me to sleep. High in Humulene, so munchies aren't much of an issue. It's something I'd suggest for sure. ✌️❤️🌳

  12. Thanks! Been liking the Tahoe cream from kynd so I’ll have to try the GP!

  13. Cuz herb is scarier than booze when owing a gun? Give me a fucking break. Idiots

  14. It’s great when it agrees w/ you. I’ve found it can turn for no reason and cause issues unfortunately

  15. True. At least it's not addictive, so when it's not benefiting you anymore, you can easily just stop for a while. After a long break it usually becomes good again.

  16. I’d say it’s got some mentally addictive qualities to it. I definitely could tell for a few weeks after stopping, kinda low mood/motivation

  17. it can cause some road rage, no idea the mechanism. Not always but some times it definitely causes agitation while driving amongst idiots

  18. Great list! Enjoy others take on strains I’ve tried as well

  19. Sounds crazy but had that recently and it was… gas cap

  20. How is it? I grabbed there alien og a few months back and it’s 🔥🔥

  21. Only had Tahoe cream, it’s good. I’d like to see them dial it in at get the terps up a bit though

  22. a GOOSE flew right into my windshield and crushed it yesterday, hate those birds

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