Day 122 of memes the finale

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  1. Same R this morning after my application was “re-reviewed” lol

  2. My letter writer straight said she’d be using a template lol but she let me read it and she added some personal touches which was nice

  3. Sup with all the horny posting lately? Guess it do be cuffing szn

  4. Hard facts.. I’d say many of those relationships will end before/during Med school 😬

  5. 7 Ws without a great explanation lol down trend gpa.. yall ppl freaking out about one bad grade needa chilllaaaax haha I feel ya tho

  6. I have 2 Cs and still got in. Calm down and go touch some grass

  7. I’ll take your 2Cs, and raise you 1 lol all in pre reqs. Lost count of how many Bs I had

  8. Apply everywhere, take whatever you can get. For your first job. My first emt job was a single station inter facility transport company (not 911, though they claimed to be back up for the county lol). I walked in in a full suit, he asked me if I ever had a job/emt job (I said no, only worked at mcdonalds), he asked me what my availability was (which was horrible cuz I was a full time student), and offered me the job on the spot.

  9. She was either hypothetical or quit lol cuz I never met her. Seems like you would fit in well there though 😂

  10. Read the subtle art of not giving a fuck. Whole point of the book is that no one is special, and it’s liberating when you realize that. One of the few self-help pieces of advice I’ve ever actually clung on to

  11. I’m sorry for your loss OP. I can’t relate to losing a parent, but I lost my beloved grandfather about 7 years ago when I was just starting my premed journey. It was def hard to focus on classes at the time. Just give yourself as much time as you possibly can to grieve. It will get better. Sounds cliche, but time heals all wounds.

  12. 3 Cs in pre reqs, idk how many Bs lol I’m admitted

  13. Went from 0 MD II to 1 MD II lol can’t complain, also 6 DO II and 2 DO A so far (didn’t apply Do before tho)

  14. DAAAMMNNN I’d feel so overwhelmed with that many interviews HAHA

  15. I have like 3 Cs in pre reqs and 3 Bs lol you’ll be fine

  16. Feels like we’re cheating on bloppy :/

  17. My school prides itself on "giving every student a scholarship," but most of them are like $300. Mine is more than that, but certainly not a free ride, either.

  18. Universities are free of charge in Czechia so free ride baby 😎

  19. Get me an A to a Czechian school and I’m there ahha

  20. It depends on the school! Like Drexel I got a hold which I just count as an R but I know GW people get II from hold

  21. Ok thanks… it’s a school in San Diego lol let’s just say that

  22. UCSD hold seems like it’s a soft R. I’m on there with ya. I’m just sitting here with my fingers crossed, since UCSD is my top choice 😅

  23. Mouse Work takes foreveeeeeeeer.. I’ve been with this lab for over 2 years and I haven’t gotten a pub yet… however we’re close. I’m in revision with two manuscripts that should be published by the end of this coming March. Just in time to start Med school lol

  24. This ^^^. Most things in life that are worthwhile do not come easy.

  25. This is heavily school dependent, I don’t think anyone can answer this OP.

  26. Thanks! Yeah I’m still not 100% sure what school I’ll end up at, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But they’ll be planning the wedding soon which makes it tough

  27. Do schools ever have required events on weekends? Or your school at least. I think I could manage pre/post studying. But if there’s something that I would be penalized for missing over the weekend then that would make things complicated

  28. Explain what a DO is for 503928726472882th time

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