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  1. What the card smith i seen so many post of them but am out of the loop what they for

  2. I have a comment in here to another Redditor that might answer your question. But feel free to respond if you have more.

  3. Cool cool, appreciate the well explained response. Been seeing them everywhere lately and hadn't seen exactly why.

  4. Anytime! I love memes, art, and crypto, so was drawn into the cards. As a community, we may have hyped it slightly too. ✊

  5. Hey OP, do you know wether or not if we get to play 4 days early if we pre order a hard copy rather than digital?

  6. My understanding is the Ultimate and Digital Deluxe editions can access 4 days early. I’m busy during the week so didn’t mind waiting myself.

  7. Covering: Cover the pile of doodoo with a blanket. Closing: Clean up your entire mess.

  8. it's funny because ken the criminal griffin literally showed us how much he's willing to pay for a copy...

  9. Good point! I’ve got a couple “copies” of something they created that I’ll sell back to him…

  10. 💩post for the Mayo man, and that time he took my money, and used it to buy a

  11. So I jumped the gun and purchased from Amazon the night it went up. I had enough of the free Bezos bucks from combining prime day delivery shipments that I got it for “free”. I hope Amazon pays you guys and doesn’t “internalize” my buy. 🤣

  12. I really did enjoy it. You had me hooked once I saw the dedication. 😘

  13. Hmm. Over a mili shares show up, our price slams down 5%, then they get scooped up. Almost makes the rising borrow rate negligible. 🤔🤨

  14. It’s very likely OP did have a convo with their bank. My (regional) bank tried to offer me financial advice when I went into the branch to question why my crypto purchases were being blocked. I have since moved to a credit union. My old bank can get fucked trying to tell me how to spend my money.

  15. We don’t do it for the karma, we share the buys so others can join in on the hype and enjoy it just like we are! How is this any different then someone making a post about buying anything else at GameStop? We are all on the same team!

  16. This. I don’t give two shits about karma. Feeding the receipt bot is more fun.

  17. If only Canadians could access these cards online... so bummed to be watching from the sidelines!

  18. How did you know what number xx/xx? I don’t see them on the cards I pulled. Also looks like yours are on the case. Help

  19. Only one of my cards was numbered. My pull was in the Amethyst line. The different cards and how many there are, is listed on the Checklist. It’s like the 8th image on the

  20. Thanks. I probably didn’t get anything great. But it’s hard to tell what color tier I got lol I’ll still keep buying to support papa cohen

  21. Yeah, I agree it’s a little hard to tell the tiers and drop rates tbh. I just loved that it was Ada Lovelace and then noticed the number and did a quick search. I was more hoping to pull a full bitcoin to liquidate for some of those sweet sweet 🚀🎟️s (🟣) but I do enjoy my card!

  22. Well that’s all I needed to see. I was waiting until the investor meeting (updated DRS numbers) before I let confirmation bias set in but MSM promoting DRIP is enough evidence for me! 😂

  23. That $5 Power Up Rewards monthly bonus came in clutch this month, OP! 😛

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