1. My grandma just got her SSA check mine hasn't came yet tho myself yes she's with chime and so am I to anyone wondering we live in TN so I guess it's starting to post to everyones accounts.

  2. You passed a check point, I'm sorry to tell you but you'll never stop running from this drug, she's a step behind you every step of the way 😞

  3. not true some of us actually never liked fent cause it has no eupjoria. that one bag that showed me how shit it was wasnt enough to "hook me for life" i wasnt stupid enough to get a pyshical dependence on the shit i could see never running from some k9s but fent mixed with benzos anf tranqs? get the fuck outta here. speak for your self dude. fr and stop romantisizing it like your to weak to this amazing euphotic drug. your not. your just a pussy.

  4. I really thought it was only the 350 that came in them, I don’t know all the codes so I could be wrong, but is there any chance ether the engine was swapped in, or someone just put Z71 tags on a non z71 package?

  5. idk mines a 350 but i saw one on here and guy has the rpo codes so i have no idea now lol i still never seen one in person they all been 350 like mine or maybe 5.0 but hell i guess they came with em all

  6. i didnt know there were v6 z71s huh. always heard they were 5.0/5.7 only the more ya know!

  7. 2.5 or so. been about the same time sober with 1 relapse to each of my d's o c.

  8. Man these people cappin fr fr. I'm the crack pipe and I seen it ALL!

  9. I'm there butt-plug. Not regular. And I wish I could say I ain't seen shit. But I'm sure y'all know what I saw... Shit.

  10. Well that makes sense. I didn't see that. Yea yea I'm an asshole I know. Maybe 700 would have put u in the ER. But if u were doing Fent it's just really hard to believe that 40mg will do anything .. that shit is so Strong.... I really wasn't tryna be an ass or give anyone ideas. I specifically said in Mine and other people I know experience. .I shouldn't have gotten mad I'm literally in the er right now in the stroke unit. They don't know what it is. I'm sorry . I'm really scared and stressed. Didn't mean to snap like that

  11. no your just a troll that acts like the have empathy or maybe your keyboard posts double 0's when you just meant 70 not 700. send me a video of you taking 500mg at once. hate to be like this but maybe it will get TWO things done that need to. want it to be crisp clear pills shown with a high resolution camera or atleast 1080p. i want to see YOU take 500 not 700 mg of obviouslly real methadone. if you cant find that many (id bet) we can just use a calculator online and figure out how to get the equivalent of 500mg methadone in you.

  12. I hear ya. I was tryna be cool . I never had codiene in my life take it easy hope u get better asshole

  13. Call me an asshole but I’m always suspicious of people “looking for a diagnosis” for things like DID and schizophrenia. But I’m shaded from personal experience and the knowledge of my friends with schizophrenia we had no idea we had it until our life fell apart and we were forced into treatment. Im not saying it isn’t possible but it just makes me somewhat suspicious of shenanigans. I’d say DID is the most egregious of people seemingly wanting to be diagnosed. Like it’s a life changing disorder and they seem giddy to be diagnosed and get disappointed when doctors say they don’t have it. Very bizarre to me. A lot of this stuff blew up on TikTok and discord apparently

  14. i will say i did come here a few months before they gave me my diagnosis and i remembered hoping i had schizo and all the things i was thinking werent real and i was actually not about to get killed or brain surgery. well cha ching i guess i got my wish. better than what i was scared of but it just took that fear misplaced it and now its spread over my whole life. each day isnt as scary as each one was back then before i knew "anything was wrong wit me" but now every day is a bit scary for ever. no giant burst's of fear. just a check every month of it. like that publishers clearing house. i get my fear in daily smallish doses instead of one lump sum! get more fear that way big brain move there haha

  15. There's a Steam autumn sale? I should check it out. As for leaving the internet...I think that may be a wise plan. I left discord, FB, etc. recently (I'm only on Reddit now) and it's done wonders for my mental health. I hope things go well whatever you decide to do.

  16. just think how good your mental health would be without a redditor commenting something mean to you over just some comment you left. :)like this right

  17. Its a stock classic. Which i think the z also will, but we need like 20 more years. And your 240 is near stock which i think folks dig more than something personalized a bit.

  18. to me the 240 seems more reachable that 350/70 seems like a hot famous model. yea it looks nice. but it also has a mean girl kinda vibe. thats how i felt looking at the pics anyway lol. the 240 is grandmas apple pie

  19. Also by not feeling it I mean, I was still achey and agitated from minor wd symptoms. Would that still have meant any of it was able to bind?

  20. dude bupe dont work if swallowed. you better already had taken that oxy lol

  21. It actually probably did, kratom blocks up opiate receptors and makes it require much more to breakthrough the kratom and feel high, kinda like suboxone but not as severe of an effect.

  22. i wasnt on kratom that day or even the day before but you are right it will block alot of euphoria from h even fent dont have any to begin with just meant all the opiods i ever done occasionally was kratom and codeine when i was like under 7 but damn i remember how good that felt as a lil kid

  23. Haha wtf who was giving you kratom when you were less than 7 years old?

  24. my dad. lol you asshole you know what i meant haha :) the codeine is what i got at 7 years old. my dad wasnt giving me kratom hed let me get sips of beer instead tho tbh haha. them old school actual energy drink budweiser things they had in like 2004 i remember how great they tasted and someone my age even (26) shouldnt know what one of those taste like but i do they were so good that was back before the caffeine an other shit had to be removed dont guess budweiser updated the formula of that one like how 4 lokos arent the same as once before. but still around. them budweisers concoctions were about the size of a small red bull if anybodys bells ring.

  25. man some days i have hard days were i think similar thoughts today is one of those. its sucky i been having back to back panic attacks cause i skipped my meds for 2 days its a long acting one tho so i should be feeling better before long or by atleast tomorrow i finnaly learned no other drug out there is worth trying to replace my ap with it or even have fun on without the ap. i just need to take my prescribed meds and while not for everyone these high thc hemp products that are legal help me now that ive gained a tolerance to thc that is it was hell getting through all the shitty delussional highs to get these good ones but it mightve been worth it to me everyone else might get different mileage. but what i was still doing as recent as yesterday was using gabapentin that wastn mine and taking extreme doses to get a buzz but ski[[ing my invega to just use gabapentin and suboxone cause i worry about the resp dep of mixing all 3 even the 2 have skull n cross bones sign online even the ones im prescribed but my doctors said its fine for the meds im actually prescribed im under doctore supervision just told me not to take extras or probably shouldnt get drunk and fuck they was right about that i was hungover as hell the one time i did. but tldr the meds help me if i just fucking take em right! they help enough and certainly i feel better how i feel on em than off thats for sure

  26. i interoperate it as my family and friends touching me while im in a coma laying in a hospital bed figured out recently that my paints were touching my leg causeing that feeling alot of times itself. other times maybe its just something else graising me i didnt notice buts actually real. god doesnt this illness suck so much guys? im not trying to bring everyone down but fuck it sucks living like this but we all gotta keep on keeping on cause who knows this might be all we'll ever get probably not but just incase you know it would probably be better to just keep riding it out. but fuck i hate this illness so much. today im having back to back panic attacks.

  27. hell idk man if its it or the suboxone im on with it but i decided to go off auto pilot and goddamn now i cant wait for it to kick back in. :( if the meds do cause that i think that maybe were safer and better to be around regardless even tho i totally see where your coming from dont do stimulants please i did and now i realize even to much coffee fucks my homeostasis up. if we are on auto pilot think of that new one republic song i aint worried its from the new top gun :). i cant wait for autopilot im glad i stayed safe the short time i went off it been two days back on my meds and i missed exactly 2 days before these two days lol by day 3 or day 4 i feel better again technically my meds have a 23 hour half life and in my theory atleast it should take 5 whole days to get all of the meds out im so glad i decided to start back up on day 3 it was already getting weird.

  28. With love all the love and respect in my heart: suck it up. Learn to like water as it is, no sugar no flavors. You're headed for some expensive complicated painful and possibly ugly dental experiences otherwise. Figure it out before it's an issue

  29. yep already got the dental issues god if this post doesnt show me i dont need to ever do any stim again. i stayed up all night drinking coffee and even that shit was to rough on me. i feel like i used to. just way more milder but i also feel weaker to. healthwise. yall be safe and do like this man says. drink some water maybe eat something here in a few.

  30. i know what you mean about panic attacks been having em already today. seroquels a weirdly shaped hammer for it but it should help you somewhat i used to abuse mine just to make the fear go away well tbh idk if it really did that or make me just fall asleep to forget my fear yea i think it did the latter im schizophrenic and i dont get seroquel anymore cause they thought it was about to cause me diabetes my new ap doesnt work as good i think tho and i missed it a couple days i took 1 yesterday tho but yea today with no sleep i aint even hitting my delta 8 pen i know better myself but i took my own advice about weed thc etc that i told this slightly older girl one time and my god i was actually right atleast for my mind and that was keep smoking it eventually goes away (the fear i call it)

  31. Holy fuck no. I could never imagine doing that much meth . Whew I'd die. Damn. I really never was a stim guy. I loved to make shake n bake. I felt like Walter white Jr. I have tried it a few times smoking it. Everyone in prison told me the rush of IV meth was great. I tried . 1 iv last year for the first time. And never again. That shit had me tripping over my feet trying to find my Fent and benzos to come down lmao. Never again! I'm honestly off everything now. I'm only on Suboxone

  32. yea me to plus delta 8 / hemp. its boring sometimes but damn i glad to be outta that shti to fuck. def heard that about finding some fent plus benzos i was actually dope sick when i smoked that much to. yea i honestly did almost die from it that night it was horrible im glad it was probably cartel shit that was cut to shit bad and not some good shake n bake prob burnt a shit load two cause i forgot how to roll a bubble fuck tbh i couldnt physhically put the bowl down when i tried until i had a extreme panic attack then i threw it. somewhere safe of course i was no idiot. i just didnt have any smokes so gotta smoke something right? goddamn that was the stupided shit one mans ever done on his own lol. prob why i took your comments the wrong way my brains fried lol.

  33. dude actually seems alright but him telling me 700mg of methadone was about one dose kinda made my ears Percocet up

  34. You missed the part where the quality and performance is equal. So I believe it's more appropriate for me to say "if you care more about showing off brand names than making actual informed purchases, then go for it".

  35. he missed the part were someone told him what to think about a certain component so he had to do it himself and look ignorant.

  36. Most often, in the world of personal electronics, you get what you pay for.

  37. No shit he’d win cause he’d pullout the damn maglite

  38. boogies hungry for some teeth soup! watchoow lol the old days they all were so much cooler ironically (pka host aka the gurls)

  39. dude your fucking up bad. im sorry but you are. your just going back to doing fent instead so theres no chance at all your low dose of methadone blocks anything. you seem like your very deluded and im truly schizophrenic. dont get lost in what your doing almost spelt od and had to backspace when spelling dont god i hope that wasnt some weird sign flush it now and go get it done,

  40. saw you was in good ole GA love it up there btw but nah we know different mary sellers pretty common name i guess. have a good en homie.

  41. is she young middle or old? what state in the us? i know here to and curious lol

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