1. Dude, Raditz can literally just stand there and take Luffy's attacks completely unfazed. Luffy is large Island level at best, while Raditz is large moon level confortably. This is orders of magnitude above anything in One Piece except a few very specific Devil fruit powers.

  2. Luffy has 6 different orders of durability negation.

  3. Luffy casually multi continental in base 💀💀💀

  4. People here have no clue how high full power Kylo scales. He's beating everyone on that list low diff 👍

  5. I know you want to avoid hormonal methods, but do some research on intradermal implants. They are the most efficient form of contraception, second only to vasectomies. And most importantly, they tend to cause significantly less side effects than other hormonal options. That's because the implant only releases one hormone instead of two or three like other methods, which is usually etonogestrel in small ammounts. Me and my gf are currently in the same exact situation as you and we're planning on getting an Implanon.

  6. Probably any chef from Toriko. Seriously, anyone. They could probably make a sandwich so tasty It rejuvenates you and cures depression. Some ingredients in Toriko are so incredibly tasty they can kill you via overstimulation.

  7. Bro just break up. Like, there's nothing else to say. Just break up. Y'all are both immature.

  8. "me and my friend are arguing" is I swear the trashiest excuse people always use to post spite matches 🤦🏾‍♂️ Like what does posting it in Reddit do? Tell your "friend" to look it up

  9. Because people here will post scans and arguments that will help reach a conclusion.

  10. Massive mismatch. Goku is well beyond planetary, which puts him exponentially beyond

  11. Bro I'm saving that link for everytime someone wanks Kratos to outerversal or some shit like that lmao

  12. Real question, is anal bacteria dangerous for the licker of an anal lollipop in this instance? Every time I hear about rimming it's all about cleaning your ass and enemas but does that really matter because you aren't going to eliminate the bacteria. Also, how dangerous is rimming generally and how much do enemas matter?

  13. Rimming in general has a small chance of transmitting many types of bacteria, including a few harmful E. coli strains. But those usually only cause some level of stomach discomfort, If they even get to cause anything in the first place.

  14. Assuming a monogamous long term relationship with no std/stis, is rimming likely to make either person sick?

  15. If it's actually monogamous and both got tested for STIs then there's most likely no chance of getting sick.

  16. And thats within the universe so your plan still doesn't work out

  17. It's not within the living universe. Each DB "universe" is actually comprised of multiple universe-sized dimensions. Goku could destroy the living universe and teleport to the afterlife.

  18. And the fight threatened the whole thing, alongside the fact that they're still connected to each other otherwise you'd see character from universe 15 on King kai's planet cause it's outside of it

  19. What do you mean how he would do It? He can launch a multi-galaxy or even universal AOE ki blast and then teleport to Supreme Kai's planet before It blows up

  20. Lmao what the fuck is this comment section? Why is everyone acting so superior?

  21. What if he did prefer the other girls bj tho, does he tell her?

  22. He might have, but no. You never say such a thing to your partner.

  23. My goodness why didn't I think of that?!

  24. 80mg is a LOT dude. Tadalafil is fairly strong and gets exponentially heavier side effects the more you take. I don't recommend using any drug recreationally without doing extensive research and/or speaking to a medical professional, but I will tell you this: don't ever take more than 20mg. 5mg is enough for you to have significantly stronger erections with minimal side effects. 20mg is the largest ammount available in drug stores (at least in my country).

  25. Prime One Million is HEAVILY wanked. He isn't even in the top 5 strongest Superman versions. He has good hax and speed but that's It. Current Goku simply scale too much higher.

  26. Spears are always a good safe bet. A lone Xenomorph is dangerous as hell but groups of men with spears have historically proven that they can kill just about anything.

  27. Armor is sketchy. Xenomoprh Acid will eat through it pretty quickly and it takes forever to remove heavy armor like chain hauberk or platemail.

  28. I was thinking the armor could be useful against blunt damage. But yeah the acid can turn It into a puddle of green pretty quick.

  29. Powerscaling isn't the point of the story though... at least for the webcomic. The manga have skewed heavily in that direction; something I heavily disagree with.

  30. This guy is either actively trolling or is a child. Don't bother arguing.

  31. They could just use a vacuum cleaner haha

  32. Knowing Smoker he would probably find a way to lose to that

  33. Weapons can be infused with haki.

  34. He's not fictional, therefore not applicable to this prompt.

  35. He's literally a character from an old religious book, how is he not fictional? Is Zeus not fictional?

  36. Average male with an AK-47 now solos the verse

  37. Ah cara, eu sempre tive o pé atrás com esses valores absurdos para formatura.

  38. Concordo plenamente. Na minha formatura do ensino médio em 2018 ficou cerca de 900 por aluno e deu pra fazer uma festa FODA. Comida a vontade, com variedade e num dos melhores espaços de festa da cidade.

  39. Po mas aí também é porque o povo é tudo lunático que se pudesse metia a Lady Gaga pra cantar na formatura

  40. I've read a few translations of discussions in japanese forums and It seems it's pretty much the same as the west. The proportion of people who disliked the changes seems to be a bit higher, but the majority still likes It.

  41. That would actually be funnier than current manga humor

  42. Unless you're using one of those ridiculous outerversal godzillas then freeza wins with no difficulty.

  43. Lmao what? FF would OBLITERATE zombieman. He would look like a pile of minced meat after 2 seconds. FF can probably go to Starbucks, order a frappuccino, drink It, come back, and zombieman would still be halfway done regenerating

  44. When ever a bug happens, they call it intended game features

  45. This has happened like 3 times bro

  46. Assuming that the story hasn't hard pivoted yet again, phoenix man already implied that there are multiple gods and that watchdog man gets his crazy strength from [one of] them. And if Zhoniin egyptian lore theory is correct, there are definitely other gods.

  47. That's the most insane anime theory i've ever heard. It makes the "Crocodile is Luffy's mom" thing sound tame.

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