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  1. he didn’t jump tho, he did it better, he is flying over it with a jetpack

  2. That’s a good selection of heroes. But I do agree with your friend, Ck is much better as a pos1, because as 1 he has the farm priority unlike pos 3. Also, you might enjoy playing Axe pos 3, he is a fusion of Garen, Darius and Rammus. His Q is a Taunt, his W slows the enemy and causes damage per second if the enemy doesn’t kill anything. His E is a passive, when he gets hit he can spin and deal damage to everything around him and his R is dariu’s ult without the bleed stack. if you ult someone with low life you insta kill them + you can use it again. And you get permanent physical defense stats per ult kill

  3. Mas o Brasil ta quebrado, Bolsonaro quebrou

  4. foi o bolsonaro que comprou? assinou? so por que um petista desviou respiradores no nordeste nao quer dizer que o bolsonaro seja corrupto talkei?

  5. Huge tip here if you wait for the thunder on the main menu you’re gonna find out a heartbreaking revelation

  6. The Cia when I tell them you can't shoot yourself in the head and then bind yourself in ropes afterwards

  7. Opa, quero entrar na fila, posso ser o próximo?

  8. I dislike Harry Potter but people are complaining so much about what people are gonna do with their own money that I’m gonna buy it

  9. When they get their equality, there’s no longer a reason for them to fight and protest. For them it’s like an addiction so they go to greater and greater extremes to be able to continue their rebellious behavior.

  10. hey if you find it, hit me up please

  11. Rapaz, não digo que foi a mais assustadora, mas a que mais me fez pensar e que me lembro até hoje. É a creepypasta “O ovo”.

  12. “Muito obrigado, tenha um bom trabalho e um ótimo dia/noite”

  13. Você não tão entendendo, com o buraco no estômago ele comia para preencher o vazio, só que ficava caindo para fora

  14. Alpha in 2025, beta in 2026 a release in 2028 maybe 2027

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