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  • By - TAZ68


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  1. I just started playing Pokémon go again like 4 months ago after years of inactive mess and I’m trying to get people in my town playing again I live in a small town but we do have some active players and I think this could help us out

  2. I don’t think this is really begging But how does she not want hook ups but is 6 months pregnant but hasn’t been in a relationship for 10 months Also who smokes why’ll pregnant kinda cringe

  3. Awww now my shiny will only be cool for a few more weeks

  4. I only got 6 3 stars and non of them shiny

  5. I will never in my entire life understand this mentality of refusing to let someone pass you.

  6. Yeah I prefer they pass me I don’t need someone ridding my ass

  7. Hah! I appreciate the well-wishes, however I'm convinced my account has been shiny-locked.

  8. Same here bro I went over 3 weeks without a shiny and I play every day and I did 20 Gyarados raids and no shinys I finally started getting them again a day ago

  9. I honestly didn’t know this was a thing I’ve had mine for a few years without problems

  10. I’ve done over 30 of these raids and don’t have a shiny or 100 I’m salty

  11. not T11! it's Card Mafia! They make a lot of cool deck including a Marvel series. This deck is apart of that series and it releases this thursday :)

  12. Do you buy it straight from their site or do they have 3rd party sellers

  13. You’re saying that you’re at least level 40 and don’t have any other hundos?

  14. I mean if they’re like me for the longest time I didn’t know really thing thing about stats I just went with cp who knows how many I transferred away

  15. I’m happy to see there adding the task manager back to the taskbar I had to add an icon for it and it annoys me

  16. thanks! i don't know how install one though or how to take out my current water cooler sadly

  17. Just don’t put to much paste on and you’ll be fine

  18. The funny thing about this is I know more girls who wear guys boxers as shorts than I do guys

  19. I just want one with decent stats

  20. Yeah that's the only thing I like about this event makes me feel like a god being able to hit an excellent everytime

  21. I always hate when people say “at some point someone has probably masturbated to you” like I think that’s only true for like 10% of the population tops

  22. With the amount of horny people in the world, I'd put that up to 90. I mean, have you seen Reddit?

  23. I mean yes I but I assume it’s just the top 10% that get it done too why would you masturbate to a 7 out of 10 or lower when you have infinite 10/10s but idk maybe y’all are right I just don’t understand it

  24. Hell yeah I need to do something like this that’s awesome

  25. Trade a Pokémon > make a new friend, you have to have friends IRL, then have friends IRL who play.

  26. Yeah lucky me and my family used to play when the game first came out no one really plays it anymore but I make them trade with me any ever I need to trade

  27. If your on windows 11 you can just go to sound settings and volume mixer and click whatever app and change the default sound playback Device for it

  28. I made a character on the boss maker before the game came out it looked great but I fricked something up so it looks creepy as frick in the the cut scenes

  29. Just also remember, there's a bug that will softlock your eggs, km and buddy candy permanently if you take a break longer than a couple months. It's been out there for the past two years and there's no simple solution or even acknowledgement of what causes it or how to fix it.

  30. I just started playing again after 6 years mine still works fine

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