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  1. You know, they never shout "Done Welding!" - do the contestants just not look over ever again? /s

  2. Justin Roiland is friends with Elon that is why the cameo happened

  3. I am now anxious, are rabies vaccines given to UK children when they are in school or is it something you need to get yourself?

  4. I had the same reaction until finding out it's almost entirely eliminated in the UK. Such relief.

  5. Thank fuck the UK is almost entirely rabies free bar very few bats.

  6. Which online version is this? Looks cool!

  7. It's boardgamearena. There are hundreds of games, most of which are free. A few, Carcassonne included, require someone with site membership to start a game.

  8. It should have a gasket on all sealing surfaces. Between intake and spacer, and between spacer and carb.

  9. Oh my god is that cheese? I spent so long looking for someone to mention it, I thought she just dumped a fuck ton of salt onto the table.

  10. I was too distracted by the slice of pepperoni on his forehead to notice the spilt drink

  11. Ah crap, I picked the wrong map then. Will go back to that, thanks!

  12. When you buy a house with a mortgage, that mortgage gets "charged" against the property, and this gets formally registered on the title deeds.

  13. Thank you so much for the comprehensive answer, I really appreciate it. You're an absolute star!

  14. It's a legal process, the solicitor should request the charge is removed at the land registry.

  15. Does this apply to home owners when the mortgage is paid off, or only when selling a property?

  16. It’s a charge against the property. A security to prevent the owner selling and keeping all the proceeds. The charge means that the mortgage company register an interest and would be notified of any significant changes in the properties title. Discharging the mortgage is removing the charge from the title.

  17. !thanks so does this only apply when selling the property with an outstanding mortgage?

  18. Why is sexual censored? Haven't mofos heard WAP yet?

  19. I know, that song about washing a cat with a bucket and a mop is so risqué.

  20. BBC News - Squid Game actor O Yeong-su charged with sexual misconduct

  21. Sexual? I think you mean se*ual.

  22. pretty sure this was on manaslu… and unless i’m completely misremembering the story, i believe the lady filming eventually died? it could be a completely separate incident, but i’m fairly certain this is off manaslu. it was a very rough fall on that mountain.

  23. Keep on keeping on my fellow

  24. I think they are done after each round before everyone leaves for the day. IIRC, the first two rounds aren't taped on the same day.

  25. Really? Interesting if so - I've thought it was same day to add to the completion and reality. Most times I watched people have the same clothes in the second round and the same injuries or sweat marks.

  26. This is an American only thing, right? UK here and never used a surge protector, I assume we don't need one as all our plugs have a ground pin.

  27. That is probably because Nathaniel Ward is responsible for the largest plant extinction in modern history. Wikipedia tends to talk about how cool the first terrariums were, but not the countless invasive species that were trafficked using his methods. Then he commercialized it!

  28. That sounds interesting - got any links?

  29. Ah I saw that but wondered if it'd put the premium up. I'll check it out, thanks!

  30. That emergency exit button is so tempting to push.

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