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  1. Maybe he won't be drunk if he's not an addict.

  2. Yes, but it looks like the lady was the one that request the sex.

  3. In fact, decentralization is one of the most important points here. Especially for trust. Many centralized products are now completely collapsing. FTX is a living example

  4. FTX issue is a huge lesson for a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and this is the reason why I have huge enthusiasm for projects like Utopia p2p.

  5. additional info CRP and UUSD coin the two currency of Utopia is now accepted by 1800+ online marketplaces worldwide! we can now use CRP and UUSD coin to purchase good products and services thru UtopiaPay and Perfect money. adoption is real!

  6. That's correct but the number of online marketplaces that accept Crypton coin and UUSD Worldwide has increased to 1858 and there's going to be more since Crypton coin is on the CoinGecko top trending cryptos in the US and UK markets.

  7. The Utopia project is highly recommended especially for its products. Also being anonymous in all transactions and messaging

  8. Yes, for the people that's looking for the next bigger thing in crypto, privacy, security, innovation, and earning market Utopia p2p is highly recommended.

  9. The cryptocurrency of the project is also advanced as it is also accepted in 1800+ online marketplaces Worldwide.

  10. Yes, expect of the Utopia p2p ecosystem is built to advanced concept with simultaneously development of the ecosystem by the dev team that why CRP coin and UUSD is accepted by 1858 online stores.

  11. Do you mean non-humanities people are boring people? I believe you're OTT here

  12. This system is quite unique and I wonder what are the differences between centralized servers and p2p decentralized networks since communication through both looks same .

  13. The communication is different because Utopia p2p was created with an advanced server that can not be confiscated, manipulated, or abused by the Feds or any organization.

  14. Utopia has decentralized servers and generally the p2p communication has got nothing to do with any centralized servers . Utopia offers great communication with no point of failure .

  15. The same thing happened with their Crypton coin. It is eternal, has no point of failure, and can not be confiscated by the Feds.

  16. Wholesome and babysitter of the year.

  17. Crypton Exchange is my best choice. It includes nearly non-existent fees, unparalleled privacy, and transaction finality in less than one second. Cool!

  18. Inaddition to what you said. Crypton Exchange is also the best no limit or location restriction worldwide, and instant withdrawal anonymous cryptocurrency exchange.

  19. LMAO. If that's a ball she would score a goal.

  20. It should be what a genuine gentleman

  21. She seems to be worse than Asparagus.

  22. CRP and UUSD coin is the best Altcoin to buy and hold for long term. specially right now. we can now use CRP and UUSD coin to purchase good products and services in 1800+ partnered merchants of Utopia.

  23. You have a point base on the level of acknowledgment that CRP coin and UUSD get lately but UUSD is the way for investors to keep their profit intact while CRP is the best to hold now before the bullish market start.

  24. After several watchlists, UtopiaP2P project went on trending spree when it got listed as top trending coin in US, UK and India list .

  25. Well, the Utopia p2p project trend started the moment the CRP coin outshined the bear which was later accepted by 1856 online stores as payment and later listed among CoinGecko's most trending coin list in the US and UK markets.

  26. With CRP in wallet, I barely feel the bearish moves of the market . CRP & UUSD are both amazing coins and I think that this will be best coin of 2023 .

  27. Yes and to maximize your chance and also don't feel the bear much through the passive income of CRP. Hope you're holding your CRP coin on the Utopia P2P native wallet.

  28. maybe a few youtube videos will help.

  29. You might want to add what you do for a living, like being a teacher, astronaut, fireman etc

  30. Yes, that's and he also needs to add Sexual orientation with what he's looking for.

  31. The second and third pic make it seem like you two dudes are a thing. Like one sets the idea off, and the other just reinforces it.

  32. Someone has this exact issue some days ago. I think people need to be careful of the picture they use on their profiles. Back to the question. Yes, she's right.

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