1. Is anniversary Aizen 5/5? I wouldn’t use him in pvp unless fully maxed out.

  2. Nah he isn’t and okay what should I use for 15/15/15 ywach as ability and what kit for ywach & chad

  3. Give Yhwach a shield at T15. You wanna increase his survivability and have his teammates die first given his skill set.

  4. Maybe a new bb since the manga thing and he’s the only old ex that doesn’t have 2 units

  5. There isn’t a country that’s 100% safe but the tolerance is just lower here that’s why you see so many bad things it’s not that bad if the same ppl went to the US for a year they’d never complain about the Netherlands

  6. I’m an attacker? I was protecting the 3 flags we got at the thriller bark stage also I got one😂

  7. I have an alt that I didn't play at all for a season and it stayed in S+ 🤔 but I didn't get the rewards

  8. I stopped playing for almost a year or more I think but I went from SS to B and now I’m just playing occasionally

  9. In a fair world he would have been fired and locked up for assaulting a fellow officer.

  10. He wont even be slapped on the fingers.

  11. That’s 5 plates my guy but it’s still impressive let’s hope the food didn’t fall

  12. You probably died more than that guy or the kills you got weren’t fully yours so you didn’t get all the points while the other guy could’ve killed them all bij himself.

  13. I had a stroke reading that to be true man

  14. Just for that I’ll edit the whole thing I was in a different dimension or something while typing that

  15. I always start w the smile to show that I’m not gonna attack and they still try n kill me

  16. Imean I also smile after they’ve attacked me once to show I’m friendly but yeah in normal game I smile bc I’m about to destroy

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