Stage 3 breast, stage 1 breast, stage 3 small cell lung. She is amazing

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  1. I’m in the USA and didn’t know how big KoF was in Latin America until recent years. That’s a cool fun fact.

  2. I didn't know until Professor Thorgi did a KoF Retrospective talking about KoF being a religion down in Latin America.

  3. It's not even his personal Top 10. His personal Top 10 probably has a KoF game in there.

  4. I don’t get it. Morbius was fine—not great, but not bad

  5. I agree. I'm in the "It's fine" and "Serves its purpose" band. 6/10.

  6. Somewhat off topic, but here’s a fun fact. Simon Pegg mentioned in an interview that there was an idea floating around for another Sean of the Dead movie where the premise would be that it would take place on the exact same day the original did, but it would be vampires instead of zombies.

  7. Shaun has survived a zombie apocalypse, why not throw him in a vampire world? From Dusk til Shaun would be amazing.

  8. If you show this to someone that say online friends aren't real friends, cynicism has won.

  9. I was waiting "Lets talk about Hunter's laptop" moment

  10. Don't the Republicans have his laptop? Just go through it.

  11. I haven't seen it, but I've seen a scene where Jackie Chan puts in a great performance.

  12. Awesome, bro. My mom had breast cancer and kicked its ass back in June of '99.

  13. I've read a handful of his books and he's good. My favorite of his is The Traveling Vampire Show.

  14. I literally can't. This woman looks like all of the women that taught in my elementary school

  15. He still in pretty good shape as a 77-year-old man. His appearance at last year's WrestleMania shows that.

  16. If Justin Roiland is found innocent, I feel his career won't recover from this.

  17. Showed this movie to my sister and she looked at me and was like, “Mikayla, what the f— are we watching?”

  18. Society is an experience. Screaming Mad George does great makeup effects

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