1. If you’re more mad at the women it’s victim blaming my dude, as this is abusive behavior you’re describing. And victims stay for longer than they should because abuse is twisted.

  2. I was all for over-giving in the beginning of my marriage. Am a lover, wanted to be a good caretaker. But I forgot my own needs, and became miserable. I’m incredibly lucky my husband loved me for me and not for the role I played for him, because he stepped in a lot more.

  3. “Hey girlie. Do you mind if I call you girlie?” - crusty white old ceo

  4. Lmao I hate America. Who cares if cashiers stand anymore? Ppl need to get over it

  5. That's tough! You look great in dark colors, including black, and in the turquoise, but you're able to wear orange surprisingly well, especially the more muted one. Deep Autumn maybe?

  6. Hmm I could see that 🤔 I feel like I do pull off a few colors in Deep Autumn

  7. I could see you pulling off a clear spring, which strays away from the pastels.

  8. Well that’s a grey 🙂 god knows I’d shit a brick of I ever saw one. It’s good you both had each other present

  9. Generational trauma is heavy. I’m sorry and I really get how weighed down it feels. Breaking cycles is hard work. I think we are meant to challenge dogma. Meant to break cycles of blindly following. And once we do, we can align with what calls to us. But start by making boundaries between you and what is pressuring you? I certainly don’t think challenging blind faith is rejecting your spirituality, but finding a more authentic way to connect to it. Over the years, people (with or without meaning to) pollute spirituality with preferences, quick fixes, bias etc. it’s okay to peel back those layers and listen to what is calling to YOU.

  10. That’s predatory. I’m 31 and could never see an 18 y/o as an intimate equal. Not to disrespect age, but that’s too big of a gap.

  11. Jobs, still: Thank you for applying at Company. Unfortunately, we have decided to go with another candidate at this time.

  12. Remember reading a Chinese comic where the mc lady was forced into a relationship and people just called her all the same names. Soo disturbing. Even female readers hold these views. Tells you how deep we are in cultural compulsory misogyny. Yuck! I want to see better!

  13. The same thing happened to me and is happening to a lot of people. Is what they are doing ethical? Is it legal? I don’t understand why I owe that money back, losing my job wasn’t my fault and it happened because Covid put the company I worked for out of business

  14. Okay this is a great idea! It might be a good idea to stick to one point of view for the entire comic (either the doll or the artist) but I’m so excited to see how you bring this to life 🤩

  15. That’s such a wholesome story! It has all the things and can definitely fit the criteria. Well done, can’t wait to see it finished.

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