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  1. I decapitated someone and kept the head till their a npc with the matching head came around and beat the shit out of them with it

  2. Beat someone to death with their own skull? That doesn’t sound physically possible

  3. But… but… what about her emails??? Aren’t you afraid if what’s on Hunter’s laptop????? Won’t your party fall apart if there’s governmental transparency??????????? /s

  4. When you feel his heat, look into his eyes

  5. It’s where my s3men hides, it’s where my s3men hides

  6. Most important tip “Skirts in fact go spinny” 💜

  7. Ah yes Histories greatest scapegoat to justify bigotry and violence...

  8. An entire group of people that has been collectively bullied by the entire world for most of history. And bigots still insist those are the people in control. Horrifying

  9. According to the minister at the church I was going to a few years back, yes, and mainly the ones who owned most of the wealth. A lot of the New Testament could basically serve as a critique of capitalism and wealth inequality.

  10. Did you know that he, she, and it are all Old English, but they, them, and their are from Old Norse?

  11. It’s been said before: English isn’t a language, it’s five languages in a trench-coat

  12. A terrible demon lord known for its ruthlessness, and believed to be completely indestructible. But demons are often pure souls, fallen from grace. When the demon lord found its way back to the human realm and found a city being ruled by a cruel king, it recalled why it fell to hell in the first place. So it indulged in its old habit of slaying kings. Loved by the people, they put a wreath upon its head and it became the city’s guardian. It also loves puppies.

  13. Not a single human soul left out there, ranger is completely alone in a world where everything is "alien" and trying to kill him. No backstory, no allies, nothing, as if you just wake up in a nightmare and simply cant escape it. For me, thats disurbing. And as if thats not enough, ranger gets called in to quake champions where he also cant escape being butchered over and over, endelessly. Like...wtf dawg.

  14. That’s why I appreciate his character in Champions. Dude’s like a Lovecraft protagonist crossed with an 80’s action hero. A gun-toting badass rambling about lost memories, unending nightmares and secrets better left unknown. We need a modern sequel to Quake with that vibe

  15. Isn’t it crazy that there is a kind of madness so potent that it turns your blood into goddamn spears that give you internal and external bleeding?

  16. Why would he even go to a restaurant if he feels this absolutely disgusted by the people that serve him???

  17. Incels hate women but still desire them. It’s some bizarre, Hegelian master/servant shit

  18. Don't get me wrong, I'm with ya on the wrongness of most of the things in this post, but "Doesn't matter. Still killed people" doesn't seem like a valid response to that.

  19. True. Of course the argument that Kyle intentionally put himself in a position where he was likely to be attacked and knowingly brought a firearm for that explicit purpose seems to fall on deaf ears

  20. They are so deep in it I don’t think they’re capable of understanding that things like money and countries are constructs too. They’d show coins and point at maps as proof

  21. It's almost like people are multifaceted, and voting for a guy doesn't mean you joined their cult.

  22. What? You mean I donMt know everything about a person based on surface level characteristics????

  23. Oh yeah, I'm making inroads into fixing what they did to me. I am one of the "lucky" ones in that they performed an entirely reversible procedure on me. And decidedly NOT one of the lucky ones in that it was meant to be followed up pre-puberty. It... was not followed up. I would not wish the health problems this has caused me on my worst enemies, though it did make my immune system absurdly good at fighting infections.

  24. Probably the same type people that bitch and moan about “butchering children.” Glad to hear you’ve dealt with it well

  25. Must be be because they’re in denial about being gay, I hope they learn to love themselves

  26. I hope it's not only about that. I don't like the idea that all the bigots are just in denial, it's a slippery slope to "we are the only ones responsible"

  27. I’m just kidding. Y’know, cuz people always say “mods gay”

  28. I love how conservatives are always like “socialism is bad because describes capitalism and that’s why I vote for nazis”

  29. I get really annoyed when someone is offended by the use of the word “girl”

  30. I think it only bothers most women when it’s used by men in an infantilizing way. Like, there’s a difference between someone saying stuff like “she’s a pretty girl” and some dude saying “men and girls cannot get along.”

  31. Person whining about overlevelled phantoms here. I do it and will continue to do it because the level scaling is just shit. Thats how it is, it makes no sense that they can oneshot you and tank everything in some level ranges and in others they hit like a wet pool noodle.

  32. ER’s deleveling is at least better than in DS3. That’s not saying much, but it’s at least something

  33. The world design, bloated enemy encounters and existence of ADP coupled with the scarcity of estus shards makes lifegems a borderline necessity, and their common nature compared to estus makes their inclusion unsatisfying. Also, the ability to modulate difficulty using in game mechanics are great, but I think this discussion pertains mostly to a first play-through, so the other stuff I outlined is more relevant

  34. I feel as though that highlights their usefulness as a mechanic in the game if they're required

  35. I’m mixed on it. While, as the above comment states, it helps create the feeling of preparing for an adventure, it just feels less satisfying to me then counting a reliable recharging, but limited healing item and journeying through well-paced environments. Lifegems make sense for ds2, but I feel like there might have been a better alternative. ds2 definitely has a lot going for it tho and I’ll always argue it has the best PvP in the series, if only it were ‘t crippled by Soul Memory

  36. Questions don’t require evidence. Are you actually reading or just replying with the assumption they said what you’d hoped?

  37. Imagine some sort of gravity device that launches nearby asteroids at enemy ships. Space trebuchet

  38. More Lovecraft. Go back to roots. More Cosmic horror monsters and outer/elder gods. How about a redo of the Shub-Niggurath fight where we actually get to fight her?

  39. Considering how they did Icon of Sin, I feel like they could make a good redo of Shub-Nigguroth’s fight. Chiton too, maybe a few new bosses would be nice. The bosses in Q4 were fun, so maybe they could borrow from that a bit

  40. *Chthon. As for Shub, that’s why I say should redo, not remake, the fight. Maybe upscale her a bit to, a real colossal eldritch entity

  41. Why is this wholesome dont everyone think boys and girls can do whatever the fuck they want?

  42. It’s kind of a talent to look this fem while having such a nice beard

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