1. Ah no posting about anything past 1900s on weekends in Sat. should I wait?

  2. haha get it because I'm funny and this post is 100% gonna stay up because it's not lazy

  3. Trying something new this time. I'm using the circle tool and using images instead of drawing. My last comic didn't do well so I hope people see this

  4. I'll be posting the OG sketch I made, since it's better. If you guys like the OG sketches I can include that always as like a "Behind The Scenes" sorta thing. It wouldn't always be there since sometimes, I don't sketch these things

  5. Don't worry, it's just ketchup packets. It's all a comic, it's not real, they get paid to do this. I don't, sadly

  6. Is that Taiwan? If it is, not to be rude, the colors are reversed

  7. Da Da Da Da Daa! I'm WacGainin' pounds please help this food is so addicting I've put on 100 pounds

  8. ua9b says:

    nice drawing! also heres a tip: in countryballs we draw poland's flag upside down so red is on top. not sure why though.

  9. Bit late on that one but thanks for the reminder! I always forget to in my newer comics

  10. ua9b says:

    no problem! i'm quite new to the community too and i enjoy helping others so they can improve their comics

  11. Yeah, it makes my day when people give me feedback, bad or good. I bet other people love it too.

  12. Nice. What was it? I got the yellow drum major hat, which I didn't know existed until know. It doesn't fit with Colonel Sanders so I didn't use it

  13. idk this just popped into my brain. The last 2 frames were rushed because I rush everything

  14. your last post was about 2 days and your last post was about 3 days ago for this subreddit

  15. Yeah, thinking back, I exaggerated a bit on the title but I did say I would try to post daily so it's a bit weird

  16. I’m pretty sure that the people in the home islands paid more in tax than those in the colonies. Britain was just trying to tax the U.S. at a normal rate

  17. wow I didn't know that. I understand the taxes were at a normal rate but I'm just using a bit of exaggeration, but I'm guessing you already know about the exaggeration part.

  18. Yeah, get your mind out of the gutter. This is a totally normal post with no other meaning

  19. Do the best country (Aka Polish lithuanian commonwealth)

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