Kraken Lays Off 1100 Employees

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  • By - dbdev

  1. Do you think people are so psychopathic that that isn't obvious? It's not something you have to point out lol

  2. when you dont have to enforce it, it has certainly its advantages

  3. Except it basically is enforced there, by having strict and difficult requirements for immigration. Why some countries think it's a good idea to just import anyone, I'll never know.

  4. I'm sure I've seen a video in which that actual thing occurs.

  5. I've seen one where it goes it to another gator, rips its arm clean off in a few seconds and still it just stand there like "I can't believe you've done this"

  6. The "fresh longer" has nothing to do with it being organic. As organic milk is a premium product, it costs more for stores when premium products sit on the shelves, go bad, and have to be thrown out.

  7. I think you need to check your sources for that. You are trusting some information that shouldn't be trusted.

  8. You're getting back a value. It does not matter when any sale takes place on the trustee's part.

  9. it is true; what OP means by "a value" is that when you're repaid, your claimed BTC amount to be paid out (i.e. net amount, the 21% figure thrown around) will first be converted to fiat value based on the constant figures provided in the plan docs (i.e. this btc value is preset/predetermined and will not change; this is key to understand), then the present (variable/live) value of bitcoin will be used to determine the number of "live" btc to match that constant fiat value of your claimed BTC payout amount, and you will be paid that number of BTC, which will be relatively random and not simply 21% of the claimed BTC.

  10. Yeah I don't think that's true. Haven't seen proof of that. What is the predetermined value?

  11. pretty sure those receiving coins soon will not sell is one of them so going for final payments. Have time until 10 January to change mind

  12. Not gonna lie, I'm going to sell at least half immediately. I think crypto is over as a long-term investment. Might get some pumps but no sustained bull rallies.

  13. Ha! I felt that way when BTC collapsed from $2.00 to $0.02, then again when it collapsed from $10k to $200. Although I'm moving to defi tokens now, I'm more than happy to wait the 3-6 years necessary for the next wave :)

  14. Well unless you keep all your assets in your mattress then your bank account or similar assets could be locked down even in a purely cash transaction system.

  15. Yes it's already happening, but it's not as easy at the moment. With fully digital fiat, it will be simple and quick.

  16. Legally how would money have an expiry date or you be blocked from your bank?

  17. Could have been the Jackass bit where one of them held his shit for a few days then went and annihilated a display toilet in some shop… Not my favourite of their bits

  18. I watched Jackass again as a 30 year old and... it's really such a terrible, unfunny show. Just a bunch of dumb seppo assholes.

  19. And you have to put EVERY item on the scale. Coles lets you scan multiple items in a row without putting them on, for example if you have 5 drinks all the same, you can scan one of them 5 times without issue.

  20. This should definitely be available. Ridiculous that it isn't. I didn't even know why I couldn't close partials until reading your post.

  21. He's actually defending this person in this very thread:

  22. If it's significant, yes. If it's just a few percent more, than only the patient people will split it. Since most people chose early payment, I'd guess even a small amount split up could make some people whole.

  23. is it a comment for final payment method? if so they're only showing the first tranche. You'll eventually get more (99% chance you'll get a bit more than users who selected early payment, but much later).

  24. I think that sentence was for the early payment? bah whatever... submitted everything, now I'll just hope for the best.

  25. That will never happen ,the craze is ending. Put your beanie babies in the box and move on with your lives.

  26. I agree with this. But I do think there will be a few more random pumps. The bear market has been far too one-sided.

  27. Yes, the distribution will probably mark the low point of this four year cycle. HODL for at least a year and a half after distribution.

  28. I'm doing fiat just in case the trustee fucks something up. No recourse in crypto. At least a mis-typed bank account number could be rectified. Given they'll be doing thousands of transfers, no doubt they could easily mis-type a BTC/BCH address.

  29. So you're more convinced that the vaccine is the culprit here rather than the brand new virus that has ripped through half of the global population?. Half of the global population isn't even vaccinated against covid-19 so how is that a reach?

  30. The doctors/scientists you trust so much have already said this isn't due to covid.

  31. let me guess, you think fat (essential to all biological function) causes heart disease

  32. Yeah-I got an email from somebody at Fortress out of the blue. I had 8 BTC at MtGox. I think they prioritized larger claims, not sure.

  33. You probably clicked once and forever thus sub will be recommended for you. That's how I got here. 😂

  34. why are you in this sub? apologies if natural gynecological occurrences make you uncomfortable.

  35. I never said it did, retard. I just dunno why reddit keeps putting decidual casts on my front page.

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