1. A little late to this, but if I'm not mistaken that's the next gen Mitsubishi Triton, which isn't sold in North America.

  2. Oh interesting, it was spotted in Colorado

  3. 2024 dodge dakota, gonna come with factory option of a v6 diesel. Wouldn't be a 2023 colorado as the only engine option is the 2.7l turbo 4 banger

  4. Yea I think you’re right, probably will be the V6 EcoDiesel

  5. Definitely a Chevy with the square wheel wells. But it’s the new style for 2024-2025 undercover. Testing it out. They all use a “camo” cover like this to hide everything the best they can. Of a shitty warp job lol

  6. I don’t think it’s a wrap because they went over the tail lights, it also says diesel on the gas cap. Is there a diesel midsize truck?

  7. Are you serious!? The disrespectful one is the husband. That is pure jealous man rage, and this is clearly an entertainer doing what they do (and would likely forget all about this woman after the show, if it wasn’t for man baby causing a scene)

  8. I came here to say exactly this. I bet they behave the next time they at a restaurant lol

  9. For now focus on long wide drawn out carves that go across the whole hill (look out for others), to slow down take that huge radius turn and turn uphill. Get low and focus on making pencil lines. When you get that down you can tighten them up


  11. So the study shows links between ptsd and fractures. It does not state that JUST having ptsd causes fractures. There still needs to be an MOI or mechanism or injury. Like falling or tripping. What is being implied by the video is that the stress decayed her bones in matter of hours that caused a fracture from just hiding. This is completely unheard of and most likely impossible. Furthermore nothing in the linked study describes anything like that.

  12. Stress fractures from a highly stressful situation is a thing. That situation can cause PTSD. She may not have used the properly terminology, but it is a thing. I also have PTSD and my stress points aren’t as bad as hers, but it happens.

  13. Stress fractures were named that because of the “stress” or force being put on a bone that eventually made it break. Like an overweight person breaking their foot trying to run. It was never meant to describe emotional stress. There have been links between emotional stress and falling which lead to stress fractures. But to say that PTSD just causes your bones to fracture is misleading. There has to be physical force involved and leaving that part out feels strange

  14. He wasnt a seal before the transformation, lmao. So how would they know?

  15. Sure if you want to say he didn’t lose a 100lbs in three months, I guess you can’t prove that. To me that seems like a pebble in the bucket of what he’s accomplished. The many ultras all recorded, plenty of interviews from people who were with him during BUDS and during his time as a Seal. Video of him breaking records.

  16. He’s just the best method actor ever. You’re not Goggins or who Goggins pretends to be. No one is.

  17. The Seal stuff is documented, the ultra marathons are all public and recorded, there’s pictures and videos of both, if you need to lie to yourself to feel better that’s cool, I don’t think the whole Seal and ultra marathon community would lie for one guy, think about it

  18. Cheeto flakes on your lips don’t help

  19. I’m just honestly curious why you suggest a base grind? Cosmetic or performance

  20. Gotcha! Thank you so much. I believe I found the model - it’s a Burton Feather (2005).

  21. No definitely not, give them half that

  22. PSA: Never leave your shit unattended.

  23. I agree with this unpopular opinion, I’ve caught thieves red handed a long time ago, now I always have eyes on

  24. I dunno I think they’re still waiting

  25. Nice almost taking out that skier at the end smh

  26. Yep, you are definitely right that until I’ve tried it, I can’t say it’s not worth it. Maybe I’ll try setting my alarm earlier to get stuff done for a while and see

  27. Do it for you, set your own goals. You are obviously drawn to goggins, in a way. Follow his framework, but I want you to really sit down alone somewhere after a workout, close your eyes and imagine what you really want in life, the people you let down, the things you never tried or quit early out of fear or laziness or whatever. Find YOUR goals. Write your story

  28. In my (controversial) opinion, I don’t think the most personal growth for Goggins will come from grinding even harder, but rather being able to value and respect himself without having to almost kill himself running ultramarathons.

  29. He does feel good about himself though, through his work. That’s his passion. A painter might lock themselves away and cut themselves off from everyone, spend sleepless nights to achieve their masterpiece. It’s their passion. The lack of comfort and increase in pain is a nobrainer when you are passionate about something. And that sense of accomplishment is something many will never be able to comprehend

  30. Yeah I still have no idea what the prank is supposed to be, or why I'm getting downvoted lol. The video is stupid AF and there is no prank here.

  31. When you’re rich and spoiled, you mess with and disrespect people working a 9-5, and antagonize them until you get a reaction then play the victim, that’s the prank

  32. Please stop handling wildlife. It's not good for them.

  33. For real why is everyone cool with this

  34. Using your mental illness as a weapon, very cool

  35. Ok am I the only one who doesn’t clean their base?? Even when it get super dirty, i give it a hot wax and it looks clean. I have a board from the early 2000s that i love and I don’t notice and performance issues or slowing down compared to my new boards. Just curious not giving advice

  36. JUST GO MENS, the snowboard industry does not cater to HIPS. Me and my wife tried every brand the was, let me save you some time

  37. If I'm brand new is it a bad idea to learn how to use the lift and then find easy greens midway up the mountain on my 1st day? I'm trying to avoid spending all my learning time on the bunny slope where it will be packed with other newbies.

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