1. I didn't know it was on HBO Max. It's still on Netflix and Prime Video though!

  2. it’s on netflix? it must be different per country, my netflix barely has any decent anime other than jojo and saiki k 😭

  3. noo 😭😭 i was just watching it last week and suddenly it wasn’t on my ‘still watching’ list, i didn’t realize it got removed

  4. i used arctic fox ritual back in May! it’s definitely faded quite a bit, but it hasn’t gone away completely and i’m not a fan of the color at the moment.

  5. Have you tried dish soap? I find that arctic foxes purples and dark red based colors last considerably long. I canceled mine out with deep purple and then let the color fade for 2 months. I'm shocked it has lasted you 6 months with washing every other day.

  6. no, it shouldn’t be harder. it’s probably a good idea to shift a few times before actually permashifting, but it isn’t any different than a regular shift other than you staying in a specific reality long term.

  7. i completely understand how you’re feeling, but at the same time i’m still really happy to have discovered it.

  8. greek anything and everything followed me around for years. i was always interested in mythology and never felt really connected to the religion i was raised in (christianity). social media was a big part of really getting into hellenic polytheism, even though i don’t really want to admit it. tiktok, reddit, youtube, etc., all definitely played a part of my practice… especially in the very beginning. i started to look into myths and it eventually made me believe in them, as well as other people experiences and getting results from my prayers and offerings.

  9. that’s how some of his other songs on apple music (i’m sure spotify as well? i can’t remember) are too, not just only from his songs on smithereens. some of them say joji kusunoki and some say george miller.

  10. Dude who in the sweet fuck likes Drake? Honestly. I've never met a single Stan in my life, and yet he is consistently popular. He's been exposed as a pedophile and people still ride this dudes nuts and make him top the charts. I don't understand.

  11. i always hide and skip songs made by drake in any playlist lol. his voice is whiny and annoying imo 😭

  12. looks amazing! im sorry for all the hate you’re getting the comments, i think your altar looks fantastic.

  13. You can't just say that you're 7 feet tall and have NO pics on your profile

  14. ngl most people don’t post themselves on reddit, its not that type of social media. that’s more on instagram, facebook, etc

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