1. I just LOVE dogs that do this kind of stuff and really enjoy themselves. My first dog used to love to sit in our big, red metal wagon after we tied it to the back of our bicycles when we were kids and get taken around everywhere by us.

  2. Remind me who she got picked up by after she was let go? Wasn’t it ThighMaster? If she was in such high demand don’t you think she could have gotten a better gig?

  3. She was on that really successful show with Patrick Duffy - I can't remember the name offhand - but it was a very successful show.

  4. The show kinda really went downhill after she was replaced. It had it moments here and there, but it just wasn't as good afterwards.

  5. I literally had a giggle out loud at this one. Better than "Where's Waldo"! He's a tip: If you're ever outside and can't find them, just call them and whistle and follow the bouncing spots! ❤ ❄☃️

  6. Old one looks like some sort of crappy bowling trophy and new one looks even worse! Not much in the incentive area where acquiring the trophy is concerned. Couldn't they do somewhat better than this?

  7. Can you give example what you consider as good trophey? I checked tropheys of "big" tournaments of some sports and they all look bland (especially NFL one, just handegg on a stand)

  8. You're right. I find it amazing that the "big win" trophies for so many sporting events are so bad. Some are just awful.

  9. Seen a wiener like this before. Is this a normal color. I think it’s beautiful

  10. This kind of breeding greatly increases the risk of blindness in dogs and it shouldn’t be done.

  11. Nope. You just didn't get the memo - that's all. You now live at "Sterling Heigbts"!

  12. You can get all sorts of edible colors of "sprinkles" from online stores that sell baking supplies. The ornaments on top are various colored Candies and chocolate balls wrapped in color foil. You can find most of it where they sell candy or at a bulk type candy store

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