1. He's watching you slowly drive yourself to suicide by not dealing with your emotions

  2. This is tower, lane 420 is yours, you are clear for takeoff Happy flying

  3. i’d beat my meat and it’d finally be hard for once

  4. I'd challenge you to find a day that isn't great to get parasites

  5. Advice from a well-done smoothbrain, garnish and cook the meat with mushrooms to absorb the juices and then squeeze them out on top of the meat for maximum flavour :)

  6. Or don't do cooking gymnastics and just eat something that's not a charcoal briquette

  7. Man I ain't jackin off rn, what're the- ohhh normal people uses

  8. Cool! Any specific lines/sections you can point to? And any suggestions on how I can combat this?

  9. So looking at your first paragraph, it kinda goes all over the place on being descriptive or not. Most sentences are descriptive, but some are not. It creates a weird pacing going in. It's okay to have this mix, but you need a pattern to compensate. A reader should feel like the can follow where the mood will go without having already read the sentences (this is easy to miss as the author since you already know where it's going).

  10. Nah! It looks good! Honestly, as long as you clean and trim it, you should let it grow out a little more

  11. "A splash of cum to seal the deal?"

  12. [selects do not] [selects do not] [selects do not] [selects do not]

  13. ”I like sand, it’s smooth and soft and comforting and it’s very easy to contain.”

  14. "I like sand. It's fine, it's comforting, it's warm, and it gets in the strangest of places as a little reminder of home"

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