1. I think she was definitely considered a stat check champion. While she had some outplay potential, there was almost no potential for an opponent to outplay her. I did and still enjoy old irelia but I could see her being frustrating to play against once she gets ahead. So while people playing her might not think she’s unfun (sounds like you play her), I think there are people who can make arguments that playing against her is unfun. What “buzzword” did he use besides binary, which by the way I think does apply as you can see from other replies to your comment? You just seem to be irked that he has a different opinion than you.

  2. Lee Sin: What game are you playing? I cant see shit.

  3. Doesn't matter IMO, since he has said that after his contract with Riot.


  5. its not their life. maybe just an hour out of their bad day lol

  6. Posting this here since it's towards the top, he deleted his comment admitting he stole it thinking he could get away with it:

  7. I don't like how he's saying that posting it on Reddit is getting back at him..especially after he deleted comments on his video calling him out, and editted the video to say he was "inspired." The comments were obviously other people's attempts to get him to "stop using it" as he was saying. If he didn't want to take heed to those warnings, preemptively apologize and admit his wrongdoings, than this was the next step to get him to stop using the content.

  8. Best of NA can't even remotely come close to G2. Will be fun to smash you guys at worlds

  9. LOL you're not gonna smash anyone bruh maybe your favorite league team will but that's about it

  10. Spammed renekton for a bit the trundle matchup definitely felt like one of the few difficult matchups

  11. People don't seem to realize just how amazing Festival Queen Anivia is for its price. It's such a damn good skin for 975 RP.

  12. Didn't even know that skin was 975 I've seen it in game and just assumed it would be more

  13. Congratulations on being able to improve without coaching, but that does not make it "absolutely unnecessary." You seem to mean well but this post comes off as braggy lol

  14. What kind of torch are you both using? Honestly sounds like you're using a subpar torch. The shop I work at sells a bunch of scorch torches and I always have people coming back after a month or two complaining that they leak butane or just stop working altogether.

  15. My friends is actually a scorch lol and mine was just a random one from a smoke shop probably pretty low quality as well. Thanks for the tip hopefully I've just had bad luck and encountered two shitty torches

  16. If your torch is spraying "out of the side" that sounds like there is butane coming out where it shouldn't be and that means a leak somewhere in your torch. It may be unsafe to use, what if you manage to get it working again and a squirt of liquid butane sprays out of the side while it's lit? I would ditch that torch and get a new one, it may be worth spending >50 dollars to find something with a warranty so you don't have to worry about this again

  17. Also I may have been unclear when I said spray out the side I mean out of the nozzle/bottom of the torch. Basically whenever I refill it feels like the torch is trying to push out all the butane I'm putting in

  18. Oops i'll post it there. And yeah I have been extra careful about lining it up when trying to refill it.

  19. Maybe people would've taken you more seriously if you didn't include all the extra passive-aggressive butthurt flavoring you added to your argument

  20. Still missing the A, so it's a stretch to make it a pun on i really. Ireli-A isn't I really

  21. So you're not disputing that you're slow? LOL I said I see why you might not consider it a pun, but you said and I quote "I don't understand how people can read irelia as I really." How can you not see it? They're so damn similar whether or not you want to admit it's a pun, the link between i really and irelia is clear to anyone that is not slow in the head

  22. Learn how to pronounce Irelia and you'll understand why i don't see how it could be interpreted as "I Really", until then stfu little girl.

  23. Is that really what he looks like? Hope he's just joking around/ trying to create a persona Cus otherwise he's delusional.

  24. He played almost every game as a 5man premade? He even said himself on Twitter that he was a dynamicQ abuser.

  25. You couldnt have really thought you were gonna get support or positive feedback for this post..honestly absurd? Is it really that absurd? The whole post just makes you sound whiny and entitled man

  26. Hi, i'm the op of the "hoesty review " thread. The music will always sound better as you listen to it more because you expect the ups and downs of the music where as before it shocked you and way off putting.

  27. So they only want you to watch it once? Pretty sure they want you to watch as many times as you can. Also they're not making op do anything LOL he listened to the song 50 times because he wanted to. I don't even particularly like the song but maybe consider that some people actually do like it, and that what you think is shocking and off putting could sound great to other people. Just saying that kind of stuff is subjective and you're making it sound like the only way op could possibly like the song is because of that weird explanation you offered.

  28. If you fight Illaoi when her ult is up and you keep doing it over and over and complain about it then yes i will call you a monkey.

  29. See my other responses to other guys, i will not response to all guys who all will write same things.

  30. Nothing you're saying gives any indication he "doesn't care about reddit opinions" unless you know him in real life you're literally just making assumptions about his character.

  31. LOL how much have you let this game affect you that you made an account to post something like this...sad shit focus on some of the good aspects in your life

  32. PC is quite active, especially with the Discord channel. We mostly have PC and PSN players.

  33. Thanks for the reply I'm considering purchasing it on steam just worried about what I'll do when I know the basics well enough to finish the story/single player modes but would still get smashed if I tried to play against someone else. Are there any pc players that are really beginners too? And I mean really noob I have no experience in fighting games at all lol

  34. We are a very helpful community. If you need help, we're there. You should focus on one character. Train with them. Learn them. Even though we might beat you a lot, learn from your mistakes. Usually we'll give tips with each other.

  35. Well you convinced me lol just bought it hopefully I can commit to putting in the time and effort to get decent and have fun playing with other people

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