1. I’ve never found bag juice to be any good or work for gravy. Tips? Welcome to 137 Gang.

  2. You need to water it down before adding the roux. I'll usually just use some cheap country gravy mix and then add it after it's been simmering for a bit. You can make a fancy roux but I'm lazy.

  3. It look me like 3 minutes to figure out how to pop my hood up…. I’m not well educated with cars and am very worried I will end up messing something up even more. Do you think it’s easy to teach yourself these things?

  4. I’m only 100 rounds through the P365X so far, but aside from quite a snappy recoil, I was pleasantly surprised. Outside of the range though, more than 99% of the time, it’ll be in its holster and I know I’ll be as ok as I can be in the other less than 1% of the time.

  5. 100 Rounds and you're carrying it everyday?

  6. Finally someone mentioned Pontiac. What a downfall.

  7. This was literally the most obvious choice. Really can’t think of anyone else who can claim this as much as Nissan. Absolutely legendary, timeless cars built in the 80s and 90s to today where it’s not even a shell of what it once was.

  8. How about Pontiac? From the GTO to the Grand Am.

  9. Hmm, this sounds enticing actually. I'll look into this after work haha

  10. After work? Build it on company time!

  11. Asked about this a while back. Got an excellent response.

  12. Im waiting on the 6 ton ratcheting ones to come out in blue. Got the 3 ton ones and I really like them.

  13. Why does the color matter? It's a set of jack stands. You can always paint them.

  14. Look into 'Grazing' diet plans. Nothing wrong with them, just be sure to keep veggies and fruits available and ready to eat so you get a more nutritionally complete diet.

  15. Only butter they use is on the buns. No butter goes into the patty. It's just a basic smash patty cooked on a flat top. - Source - Worked at Culvers

  16. Did someone have fun with a water jet cutter?

  17. I would just call a local contractor or wood worker and ask them to build you one. Even your buddy who does basic DIY could do it pretty easily.

  18. so did you purchase the larger radiator as an upgrade, or did they send you the wrong size?

  19. He acted like they sent him the wrong size in order to shill his Youtube channel.

  20. Mount and hose is in the same spot relative to the centerline of the radiator. Seems like a great replacement.

  21. This is what I was thinking was the easiest solution, but wasn't sure how it would look.

  22. It will not ever look right. Patch it for practice until you can fix it proper.

  23. I sorta wanted to see how he was in a movie, but you can only watch it if you subscribe to their site for like $10. There are way too many movies I want to see on Prime for $3.99 or less.

  24. What the hell does the engine have to do with anything?

  25. P0441 - Evaporative emissions circuit low. - Dude is driving a 20+ year old car. All he needs to do is add a piece of tape.

  26. How much did it cost you for the doctor to smell your armpit?

  27. Why not just test them with a fork?

  28. My caramelized onions is an 8 hour operation. Though I make a full dutch oven at a time.

  29. Pull the belt, attach a tow strap to both the skis and to the back of another sled to drag it. Once you get it home dump some oil/atf down the spark plug holes. Let sit for 2 beers. Try to pull it over. If it is still tight, more atf/oil. If it frees up try putting some mixed gas down the cylinders and firing it up with mixed gas.

  30. Mine blasts miles away make my entire house shake.

  31. We have always used regular ice. I never thought about dry ice!

  32. Dry Ice is great but you need to cover it with a towel to prevent it from burning your skin. It will also keep food frozen and freeze beers which can be a real bummer when you get back to camp after a hike and your brats and beers are ice.

  33. The word trust and harbor freight used together is fracking hilarious!

  34. I trust my harbor freight tools constantly. I can't remember the last time I broke one.

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