1. Awesome news! I dont even play or follow mtg too much but find myself checking out your videos to see cool decks I’ll never play myself. That Rofellos deck was SWEET.

  2. I added some pickle juice to franks extra hot last week and it’s soooooo good!

  3. I'll have to try that out! This sauce has actual little bits of dill in it too.

  4. These are either death metal album covers, hot sauce labels, or both.

  5. It's not meant to be the guide of what you should/shouldn't do. It's a map of how people operate and have operated throughout history who sought and seek power. Take and apply what fits or works for you where you are in life, AND be aware of how others operate.

  6. You win the dad award for today

  7. Randomly opened a door with solo rogue and got absolutely rocked. I didn’t see him Again soon figured it was a ‘you’re supposed to get killed and not see him again, yet’ type of moment.

  8. I would think you should learn python if you're going to have GPT-4 write python code for you. Because otherwise you'll never really understand what it's doing or why it works when it works or why it doesn't when it doesn't.

  9. Dude, if you’re complaining about working a regular work week, it feels like you think starting a business will somehow be less work. What are you actually hoping to achieve?

  10. Apparently WB is level 19. Looking forward to getting curb-stomped as my not quite 19 somehow make her way there

  11. Pretty sure it's 25. That's what his health bar said when I fought it

  12. You expect to make money from AI-built projects? haha

  13. There’s plenty of pizza/burger/gyms around but many still seem to flourish

  14. I’m sorry, but as a large language model, I am unable to…

  15. If you go get a Diablo Double Down from KFC, you’re probably get sick, which is perfect for a day of Diablo!

  16. You wouldn’t believe this lol. Human centipede is a banned word in Mid journey

  17. Been doing this for years. I add my pickle brine to my hot sauce. Makes an awesome wing sauce.

  18. What a great idea! Any tips or do you just add it to some Franks?

  19. So I’m in PDT, which means I can hit up the 10pm and then 2 hours later the 12am. I don’t LIKE doing that because my kids will 100% find a way to wake up at 5 but…I know at least for this weekend that’ll likely be the plan

  20. As someone who has worked with a lot of KS campaigns, these kinds of projects don’t tend to do so well unless you’ve got a really strong following and community backing long before launch. Local ads MIGHT be an ok strategy and really that’s your best bet. Depending on your budget and resources available you might consider other ways of raising money to get something like this going. KS is going to take a litttle less than 10%, then there’s taxes and all that on top. Probably just better ways of getting grants and stuff available for local communities.

  21. Thank you!! Yeah we definitely don't need the KS actually to get this started, we have a space and everything and it's something I'm passionate about and using my own funds. it's more to help alleviate costs and spread the word, as well as create incentive for the rewards.

  22. Feet on ground, shaking hands, and meeting people in the community are likely going to be the best ways.

  23. Several weeks ago I asked ChatGPT how to make $1M by the end of the week. It told me to sell my artwork.

  24. We went to one and he tried to sell us MLM products 😬. He was also a hardcore anti vaxxer.

  25. Ehhhh 4 years is still a long ass time, especially after living that lifestyle.

  26. White collar, rich, minimal security, you walk out and are still rich beyond measure because you hid money everywhere. Especially that banana stand

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