1. Same. My heart melts every time she looks at her feet and gets all giddy. I named mine Dee Dee. Inspired by the sister in Dexter's Laboratory.

  2. They had a really cool plot going on with Amon and The Equalists and then they just kind of disappeared

  3. I went to antelope island in 2021 and the drive up to the "island" was a massive salt flat with no water to speak of.

  4. i really like Tulie Bakery's chocolate cake though it is more expensive than other options.

  5. I’ve had their stuff during the Farmers Market but I’ve never been to their actual store.

  6. I think the Tyrells say no. Same with the Martells.

  7. Same- my mom referred to me as "What's-his-name."

  8. We had a customer come in to pick ip a to go order and throw a fit because no one knew her by sight alone. She just kept saying she was a regular and we should know what her order was.

  9. We had a customer that always ordered just one sauce through doordash on a regular basis.

  10. My McDonalds buddy keeps sending us pics of door dash orders for 1 apple slices. I dunno what's going on with you, bro, but I hope you're OK.

  11. I uses to love getting those as a kid. They came with a tiny cup of caramel to dip the apples in.

  12. Is it just me or does construction on highland drive just never end? So glad I don’t have to take that road to work anymore

  13. In all fairness, my company doesn’t send physical cards anymore. You can either access your “card” on the insurance app, or print out a .pdf file version of it that they create and carry around a paper version with your info on it. Both options suck, in my opinion - just send us the damn cards!

  14. Mine didn’t get sent (the physical one) so I had to use an emailed copy of my card for a while before I got the physical one

  15. this drink literally existed when i was i middle school which for context i’m now a college senior so this is forever ago but the red velvet frap 🤤 i would pay so much money to drink that again

  16. I posted once about a bizarre situation at a Mexican restaurant I used to work at.

  17. One of the managers at a restaurant I used to work at left mid shift and never came back.

  18. It’s so much easier when morning and night crew set each other up so the other shift can come in and everything is ready to go

  19. it was good!! think it would be better with a cranberry or raspberry juice though :)

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