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  1. That was what I was referencing, yeah haha

  2. Also, there’s the whole aspect of their species being incredibly long-lived.

  3. Much like the scientists who tried working out the Infinite Improbability Drive, I have a feeling that many respectable, techs, scientists, and physicists would be saying they're not going to stand for this, partly because it is a debasement of science, but mostly because they don't get invited to black markets in those hoopy outlaw systems.

  4. This feels like a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference.

  5. Cause it so is 🤣🤘 My favorite novel

  6. Be it M or A Posing, he's trying his best okay?

  7. Pretty sure he's got a random leg just dangling off a console near him...

  8. I still don’t understand the hate. At the very least it’s more engaging than skills/talent systems have been in years. Plus you can change it on the fly and create skill loadouts.

  9. The same creator did a number of amazing vids like this.

  10. It was shut off before the plaza and Kell were demo’d for sure. I don’t think it ever has been back on since.

  11. I'd probably put my money on the Major, but I have a feeling her and Jensen would especially be amenable to working together.

  12. That is a hell of a reference. I love it.

  13. Using the rooms/corridors with a separate color sheme for the engine towers is just brilliant.

  14. OMG it's Gleep...s! I'd love that little dude, I've never seen a white one let alone without a bunch of flowery stuff. Can you trade eggs or anything like that? Would be cool to get one of my own. Great find! Now I wonder if there's anything else all mono and freaky like that.

  15. Okay, I'm glad I've not the only one who thought of Gloop & Gleep from The Hurculoids.

  16. The physical appearance aside, the new animations for these new models are just fantastic

  17. The beauty of building in Valheim Always get new ideas

  18. There’s some serious gameplay, balance, bug issues that need addressing in the Rift game mode as well as IB in general (especially in regards to better explanations).

  19. As a ex southern Baptist, I can confirm all of this. 90% of them haven’t even read the book outside of short exerts they read out loud in Sunday school.(the Bible group study part before the sermon). The other 10% pick and choose which parts they care to listen to and throw the majority of its teaching out the door. If you get to do that and be happy with yourself, don’t preach to other Christian’s about which parts they pick and choose too-and certainly don’t preach at the people who chose to ignore the whole book.

  20. you know why I am no longer a Christian? I actually read the bible.

  21. And don’t you even think about asking questions regarding what you read or using critical thinking/common reading skills with it.

  22. As another ex-Southern Baptist, you hit the nail on the head.

  23. Problem is your friend is looking for a "good plot".

  24. I did a similar thing like this with random trees along a path I made from the seaside landing to a mining camp I built in a copper-filled section Black Forest. It's a really cool way to indicate paths and areas.

  25. Seriously, fights on that ship's deck are some of the most intense I've played in a while.

  26. Reminds me of this small sandbar (can't even really call it an island) where there's a greydwarf, a boar, and a deer just chilling together every time I pass the place...

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