1. I'm just a working class Joe from Scranton and I feel your pain!

  2. Good thing I won't be around in 70 years

  3. Have you considered a canoe? Old Town makes a canoe that has chairs now with cushions and the price is pretty reasonable. You can attach a trolling motor or a two horsepower outboard on one. You will have more room to put your gear while being low to the water and not spooking fish and still have room to put your gear plus if you have a friend who wants to go fishing with you, they can because of the two-seater

  4. Wash daily and if you have privacy pat dry and let the air dry it lay down on the bed naked and let it air dry

  5. Also fenugreek will help your testosterone. Google it. Also as someone said, l-citrulline will relax your arterial walls to allow blood flow and lower blood pressure. Also if you're not physically active,you better get busy. Drink water.try not to stress your life,and get a good night's will also live alot longer if you avoid carbs and over eating. Absolutely quit smoking,and drinking.

  6. Now is winter time and unless you like ice fishing which may happen in the future you can prepare yourself by reading and watching fishing channels on the internet. You can prepare by getting some lures that you know are good and get a nice fishing rod and reel. It's not really so complicated you just have to start. You'll learn as you go along the way and you meet people who fish and they will teach you things and you'll make friends. That's how it begins. Also going to your local bait shop, you will get tons of information from a good salesperson if they want to see you back. Best of luck and have fun

  7. Thank you so much. I live in Florida and the weather right now is amazing, not too hot. Will definitely check with locals. There’s a store next to the pier

  8. You are on your way then! Make friends with the bait shop owner and he will teach you the right lures and the right bait to use and give you very helpful information. More will happen as you meet people who like to fish. Enjoy!

  9. Maybe she should try twerking....nah...

  10. If your meat fishing specifically, then stripe bass taste fine blue fish taste good if you know how to cook them. Catch them clean them quickly got them put them on ice then you can put them on the grill or you can even fry them in bits and pieces called Bluefish popcorn and boy aren't they good. Don't freeze them or you'll find the meat taste like hell. Striped bass freeze is okay if you really want to go for meatfishing, then flounder is your fish they taste awesome they don't fight a hell of a lot but if you're there for the meet then there you go. Blackfish or tautology is pretty tastey and gives a great fight.

  11. It's winter time so whatever it's going to be hungry. Chances are they're down deep I would go with a weightless earthworm and gingerly cast it out

  12. You can make some lavender ice cream which is to die for. You can make potpourri. As one person said you could make a lavender sachet to put in your sock drawers and in your pillows

  13. Ooo! I already have a sachet on my headboard (I can’t deal with the noise it makes it it’s in my pillow) but in my sock drawer is… such a good idea.

  14. I dare you to try lavender ice cream. You will love it

  15. It's good all by itself and I take a teaspoon of it at night if my blood sugar is a little low it helps keep me from having irregular blood sugars

  16. Haley had no backbone whatsoever. When January 6th happened she thought it would be a waaayyy bigger deal then it was. She announced to the press that Trump really “ let us all down” and “ we were wrong to follow him.”

  17. I have no patience or time for people like her or Pence. Two-faced and back biters, Traders. President Trump is aware of them certainly we are all now. I had a bad feeling about Pence he just looked like he'd turn on a dime that's all I can say about that that was my gut instinct. Now he's caught with papers and he has to Mellow his bums Rush. We need somebody like Governor DeSantis for VP. I really like kari lake,her mind is razor sharp and she is a true patriot with serious backbone. In my humble opinion,she would make an awsome vice president !

  18. And DeSantis and Pompeos heft and appeal only comes from being promoted by Trump or following the Trump line closely. There is no alternative to the big Don

  19. I'll go this much to say that Donald Trump is a very smart individual and whoever he picks for vice president will be good if not a whole lot better than the last one he picked. A whole lot of painful lessons were learned. I still lean towards Kari Lake. Just my gut feeling about her. No matter who Trump picks,I don't care as long as he gets the presidency back.

  20. I don't particularly care if someone like that comes into the men's room and uses the urinal. What I would care about would be if that person went into the women's bathroom where my daughter was

  21. You start by buying vast amounts of farmland then you jack up the price of food until people can barely afford to buy it. Then you allow shortages to continue. It sounds kind of familiar doesn't it?

  22. God bless this man he's open the door and let in the light into the dark corners of our society. Hopefully the healing will begin. Again thank you so much Mr Musk for your courage.

  23. Sorry, I’m confused. I find the last sentence contradicts to the rest your post.

  24. Okay let me see if I can polish up my words for you, I am absolutely not for open border and I'm very afraid of what is happening to our country. Our only hope is that the people who come here will not be interested in communism. Perhaps being that they came from horrible poverty they are looking for Hope and a chance to have a good life. The people of Cuba who came here are the most Republican capitalist people you'll ever want to meet. They lived under a horrible communist regime and they wanted a chance to work hard and have a life of freedom in our country. Ask any one of them how they feel about communism. So I say let's hope that the people who are already here and the people that come here are willing and able and desire to become Americans. I think we have hope at least I have to believe that. I hope that clears up any confusion sometimes I don't say the right things

  25. Thank you. It was clear until I bumped into your HOPE that Democrats would take advantage of the country being flooded with immigrants. In your last post you’re right, in general. However I have an old friend who worked in Intourist in Moscow, USSR. She got married to an American lawyer and came to live with him in NYC. You would think she must be an adamant supporter of conservatives. But no, she is as blue as they come. We stopped talking politics a while ago. The same story with the son of my coworker in UPDK in Moscow (still USSR). He (the son) married an American girl and moved to live in California. You would also think he should know better than to support liberals, but no, he’s the same color as my NYC friend. A short while ago I read on Reddit a post from a younger Floridian Cuban immigrant. He was desperate that older Cubans in Florida were all Republicans and admitted that he couldn’t wait till they all died and Florida would turn blue as it should be. I sincerely hope my examples are just exceptions to the rule.

  26. For all of our sakes let's hope so. Just thinking about what's happened gives me great distress. Is not much more I can say about it because it's very upsetting to me. Perhaps I could tell you my story. I grew up with the brother who was a hippie and I mean that in the nicest sense and I wanted to be just like my brother so I adopted his ways. For the most part I was a Democrat most of my life and I met a lady from the Philippines and married her she immediately clung to the Republican Party and the and the conservative way of life. She loves America and proud to be an American citizen to this day and I myself learned and grew up to love the values of our country. I want you to just take away from this that there's hope for everyone and especially our country. Don't forget to add God in your prayers and God bless America

  27. A lot of techniques were learned from World War II which were very effective. Sadly they are being more successfully employed now than ever before. Parents are being labeled domestic terrorists because they reject their children's indoctrination. I have to ask I wonder what happened to our country

  28. Look up and visit historical sites on Long Island there are tons of them and read about the history of them. Winters on Long Island are really a piece of cake so you can do just about anything if you're dressed for it. You could go for walks like somebody else mentioned you could go to the library if you like to fish you could probably go fishing for flounder or you could prepare your fishing gear for spring. Read books. Practice up on cooking different soups, there's nothing like a beautiful homemade soup in the winter time. I know it sounds more but go visit Old graveyards because on Long Island a lot of graveyards are very very old and you will be surprised of the epitaphs that are on some of them very interesting. There are museums everywhere and you could visit them. Go to a nice quiet restaurant and eat some beautiful Seafood with somebody, or take a walk on the beach and get some fresh Salt Air in your lungs.

  29. Many years ago I was waiting for the Orient Point ferry to come in and I was walking around the area and found an old slave graveyard. No matter what you think about this social matter it is what it is but there they were and had been for a long long time and it actually in a beautiful place

  30. They tell interesting stories of those people who came before us.

  31. Go to your local tackle shop and ask them what's biting and what bait to use. Start from there and you are on your way

  32. People tend to get pissed off when they're right to vote gets tromped on. Damn those ultra mega!

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