Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. I'm absolutely dumbfounded by that. How on earth can something like that happen? I've watched football for over 20 years now and never seen a team basically get a do-over play.

  2. I saw that once this year in the PAC-12, a Cougars game (can't even remember who we were playing), the refs not only gave them a do over play but went back in time one play to reward it to them.

  3. Trying to hit that ball like T.J. Watt. Though I can appreciate how the ball is completely unfazed by the punches and doesn't even move a single millimeter.

  4. Lucky it was found before it was jarred loose into traffic...

  5. I hate having to repair those rock chips on a windshield.

  6. Too late for a comeback player of the year award for Josh Johnson?

  7. His hand had started to move forward, is that no longer the metric?

  8. That was before he batted the ball another 10-yards with his forearm.

  9. What is with his weird hate of windmills when his resorts are some of most gaudiest messes on earth

  10. When the Republican party has your base rolling coal for Big Oil, attack windmills and pretend you care about birds flying into them.

  11. This is just what raves look like in Scotland, I guess

  12. I liked the setting and tone of Midnight, Water City by Chris Mckinney a lot, supposed to be the first in a trilogy.

  13. Former Russian Roscosmos manager burned alive in mystery fire at Moscow apartment.

  14. A mysterious man was seen leaving the building; he said “Don’t work too hard kids; burnout can be …. fatal”

  15. Imagine having like 15 high-level corporate income streams and not investing in a smoke detector.

  16. If some serves me crazy-strong coffee in a thimble I look at them suspiciously.

  17. That truck stop is gonna be out of chewing tobacco and beef jerky.

  18. This QuickTrip is here to kick ass and chew tobacco, and they are all out of tobacco.

  19. What a coincidence that all those people in the same kind of car needed gas at the exact same time...

  20. ... I too have some type of turret on top of my armored Humvee.

  21. It's hard to accurately gauge the threat level posed by a goat.

  22. I wish I had the confidence to say "word up" to strangers that just walked in and saw me washing my dick in the sink. I bet dick sink washing guy is fun to party with.

  23. Is it basing off of phone usage? Not you, just a lot of people are on brier phone while driving- seems more of a likely indicator of ability to be alert.

  24. This looks really similar to what I have in my Tucson which bases your alertness level mostly on things like alerts from your lane following assistance, forward/blind spot collision avoidance cameras—things that beep when you do something it doesn't like. The algorithm is actually pretty good but occasionally it will dock your "score" for things like drifting when you're purposefully moving into another lane without signaling or are forced to hug the side of the road for things like oncoming traffic. Then it eventually tells you you need coffee or to take a break.

  25. What happens when your attention level dips below high? Does the cup empty out? Or does the meter change colour?

  26. The coffee cup is sort of always there (I guess being associated with this feature), the only time I usually notice this screen is it comes on automatically when your attention level dips below a certain point. Otherwise, sometimes I'll get bored on a drive and toggle through all the menus checking things like tire pressure, all-wheel drive distribution, gas mileage, etc, then come across this screen and it says I got like a "92", or something for the trip so far—then I switch back to a spedometer. I dig any kind of data so it really doesn't bother me.

  27. Jesus. She is really going hard.

  28. Her tone is always so smug and superior. I was never a big Harry Potter fan, but I just can't imagine consuming any content by this person without being super annoyed at this point.

  29. I would think the Shahed drone factories are a legitimate military target for Ukraine and also for Israel.

  30. Still, it would be pretty cool if it were somehow a Shahed coming home like a pigeon, or something.

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