AITA for not wanting to go to my brother's wedding because my stepson isn't invited?

Are you being serious right now?

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AITA for asking for a morning off from my baby on the weekends?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.


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  1. NAH- you don’t have to go to the wedding, but they have every right to have a child-free wedding. You title makes it sounds like they have a specific problem with your step-son, but it’s a blanket rule for ALL children.

  2. NTA- you’re all meant to be friends aren’t you? Sometimes you give and sometimes you take.

  3. Sure, he’s physically assaulted me, stolen money and items of value from my parents, become a teen parent and recently got us caught up in his criminal activity. My mum can’t help but bail him out for everything. She now has to check with me and my dad if we want him to come for Christmas Day. She once told me in confidence that she regrets it, especially how it affected me. I think it’s part of the reason I’m childfree now. For context I was 9 and he was 2 at adoption, I’m now 26.

  4. You should go no contact with your mom too, if my kid did this to my other child i would not even care if he was biologically mine.

  5. No I can’t do that. I don’t blame her she was just trying to give a good life and home to someone who hadn’t had a good start in life. I’ve told her now that I don’t ever want to talk to him again and she respects that, she is by no means a bad mum.

  6. Does hat mean he’s going to insist on having the disabled spaces on buses, trains and car parks?

  7. SHE is not. She recognises that her BIID is a disorder and she's getting treatment for it.

  8. NTA- inform them that if they park blocking your driveway again, give them a warning and if that doesn’t work just do it. You can at least say you warned them.

  9. NTA- things change and your mother and sister need to be responsible for themselves. Does your sister work?

  10. NAH- I understand your concerns, but it sounds like she really likes you and wants to progress the relationship. It would be a shame to lose it over this. Just have an honest conversation and ask her what her family know and how she think her sister would react, she’s married with a kid so I doubt she would care.

  11. Should’ve knocked them over with the bowling ball. It would count for points, right?😂

  12. I know, it’s out British upper lip of tutting and muttering about it but never actually calling it out 🙄

  13. NTA- girl you are being played. He is NEVER going to leave. He’s pushing boundaries and trying to take over your home. I don’t often suggest chucking him but here I think it’s the best. Calling you names just proves he’s too immature for an adult relationship.

  14. Absolutely! And am currently studying to become a vet nurse, or a dog trainer.

  15. Fair enough. Then NTA but your priority should be to get a job so that you only have to do this once. Also not making people feel bad if they don’t donate to it.

  16. YTA- hypothetically, if I bought myself and my bf 2 pizzas and he didn’t finish his, that doesn’t mean it’s fair game because I bought them! Relationships are a bit of give and take. If you’re going to be so nit picky about every purchase the relationship will go sour. Don’t count with each other.

  17. NTA- I used to bathe with others at a kid all the time. Younger than I’d say 5, it’s fine.

  18. NTA- this guitar obviously has sentimental value to you. Where does your SIL get off thinking that people should just give their things away for her child?

  19. YTA- this is the problem with modern parents, they whinge about having to be parents. If you didn’t want to take care of a child, you shouldn’t have had one. ‘I want to play video games and chill out’ Jesus Christ!

  20. NAH, if you can’t afford the trip, you can’t afford the trip. Try not to worry too much and enjoy the weddings.

  21. NTA- I’ll be honest, I’ve ended a relationship for pretty much exactly the same reason, well one of them. You’re not sexually compatible, end of. If it’s bothering you now, it won’t go away. Just please don’t tell him that, I used the excuse if there wasn’t a ‘spark’

  22. So in theory she could buy her cousin anything with it? No of course not, shared money means shared consideration.

  23. It’s not her husbands money, it’s their money. She has just as much a right to make decisions over finances as he does.

  24. But if they’re sharing money, they should be discussing how they are to use the money. I’m not talking little things like a pint of milk but it sounds like OP has spent a considerable amount of money on her cousin without consulting her husband, which is inconsiderate.

  25. NTA- I’m the first to say that some guys out there think that being nice to them isn’t a cue to make a move. But what she has been doing is what you would only do exclusively with a partner (if opposite sex) sleeping in their bed? Wearing their clothes? Using the picture as her Lock Screen? She’s seriously deluded if she thinks she did nothing wrong. You’re making the sensible decision to just remove yourself from all that.

  26. NTA- trust me, it WILL cause damage to your daughter. I studied early childhood development and names are VERY important when it comes to self-esteem and identity. Your daughters name makes her who she is, it’s now part of her identity. If you were to change it, it would confuse her and damage her self-esteem, trust me. If she was only a few months old, it would be different, but she’s 4 now. It would cause her to not know who she is anymore and will scare her somewhat. I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT CHANGE HER NAME!

  27. Early childhood encompasses the years between birth and the age of 8.

  28. You’re right, I should probably just throw my degree in early years education in the bin!

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