1. Bro, I live in North Jersey and I haven’t stepped foot inside any of these dispensaries. No chance I’m paying $70-90+/g for some mid BHO. Find yourself a good vendor.

  2. That’s what I was thinking hopefully it will continue to get better over this next year with more companies popping up and driving price down ill definitely need a plug if its going to be that price long term though.

  3. Yes dispensary they are in a lot of SoCal dispensaries now

  4. Urbn Leaf for sure has them thats where I got mine

  5. Wow stocked up bro! How long will this last you ?

  6. It’s not for me, it’s for everyone, but it will last 3ish months :)

  7. Ah I see awesome variety for everyone! Enjoy man!

  8. I think its just because of the terps pure diamonds with no sauce doesn’t have much flavor/terps at all so mixing them gives you that nice diamond dab with some decent flavor as well

  9. Yeee I work in cannabis and this is the only place I buy from, going on 4 years now. LA taxes are a nightmare (SF was slightly better) but still best prices/selection.

  10. Same here this place is still a better deal compared to the dispensary I work at even with an employee discount

  11. Haha creative I like it! Now someone get this man a new cart!

  12. Randy's is the best I've tried so far but ill have to try headie Eddie's in that case. I don't usually see it in my local shops but ill order some next time I need cleaner

  13. I like Randy’s over the rest it does the best job in no time.

  14. And I don’t think they even sell the replacements yet 😭

  15. Hell no I wouldnt want my dabs to be hit without water filtration but thats just me. 300 for a sherlock pipe 🤣🤣🤣 they really reaching but to each their own got my puffco peak and thats it.

  16. I would like it as a travel piece less chance of spilling and a little more compact but still cant do it for $300

  17. They run the best legal prices that I have seen and they except medical patients so if you have your card you can really stock up! I picked up 14 grams of the house Live Resin Diamonds and it was only $200!!! Here’s a referral link if anyone needs $42 OFF that first order!!

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  20. New working referral code here! $42 OFF your first delivery! 💸

  21. Just recently used this company great deals! Use my link here for $42 OFF your first delivery! 🔥

  22. Carts definitely have gone down in price recently but as long as its a real licensed dispensary you should be fine! Ive seen as low as $10 for a full gram SoCal!

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