1. The boxes just had more of the couch in them!

  2. Not sure if it's the same area of the thigh, but my kid has reddish areas on the inside of the thigh too. No leaks and we change often. No smells or detergent build-up either. No change in detergent since birth. My guess is his chunky legs rub on the rise snaps? Because the marks line up perfectly with the snaps. Doesn't seem to bother him though. I put diaper balm on them if they seem dry and just monitor it.

  3. Freh says:

    We’re definitely dealing with something other than just chafing or rubbing based on the way it looks. I’m kind of wondering if she has some sort of sensitivity to the fabric on the outside of her diapers.

  4. Hmmm, could be. Are you able to try a different material? Like a cotton fitted and a poly fleece or wool cover? You might be able to find some second-hand ones on FB or elsewhere for cheap to try. Or short term solution to see if it helps, maybe try a thin layer of cotton flannel or t-shirt material just wrapped and pinned around the outside of the diaper, so there's cotton between the skin and diaper. Putting pants on can help deter her from playing with a safety pin if that's a concern.

  5. Freh says:

    I was thinking of trying a wool cover. I’m a little intimidated by the maintenance on them, but if that’s what it takes I’ll figure it out.

  6. Yes!! Gah it’s the bane of my existence and we were gifted like 4 items from a brand that does this. I’m super appreciative of the gifts of course but it was an 8 minute task lol

  7. Freh says:

    I keep a seam ripper in the nursery just for unpacking clothes. It’s faster and easier than using a scissors on all those plastic tags.

  8. Can I jump off this and ask if anyone knows of a brand with pants cut like the U-pants from Old Navy, but without fabric size tags? I like the pants, but the fabric tags seem really stiff to me. I’m hoping there’s brand that prints the “tag” on the fabric.., What about Kate Quinn panda pants?

  9. Freh says:

    Honest baby pants are my favorite and their tags are printed on.

  10. Those horizontal bars are slipped stitches across the whole purl section. Other than those, it looks like a standard 4x4 rib to me.

  11. Freh says:

    Oh. Well that would be easier to recreate than I thought.

  12. Freh says:

    I’ve fallen in love with the stitch on my baby’s outfit, but it’s too small for me to figure out. For the most part it looks like rubbing, but the horizontal bars in the purl sections just look like loose thread to me.

  13. Freh says:

    My OB couldn’t even give me a copper IUD under Ascension’s roof.

  14. Freh says:

    Yeah. Because Ascension is a catholic institution.

  15. Freh says:

    I pump on my drive to work and this happens to me way to often. I should really just take a minute to make sure milk is flowing properly before I start driving, but I’m constantly running late these days.

  16. Freh says:

    It was like 8 months ago now, but I still get fired up when I remember that a buy buy baby employee tried to tell me that I wouldn’t be allowed to leave the hospital without an infant car seat. Like, that’s a pretty shitty way to try and get people to spend more money.

  17. I wonder if they were confused about the infant vs convertible car seat of it all. You must have a car seat in my state but if you use a convertible the nurse goes to the car when you leave and checks that the baby is in it properly. They probably were told the baby must have a car seat and incorrectly assumed that only meant infant car seat. Plus I do think some states require an infant car seat. However that means they are still giving out bad information

  18. Freh says:

    That’s exactly how it went for us. The nurse went out to the car with us to verify that we had a car seat. But weather it was an infant seat or convertible didn’t matter.

  19. Could very well be because she’s going through a growth spurt, which usually will last for several days to a week or so.. It’s also really good for your supply, so I would try to continue pumping and please do not stress... that will have the opposite effect. Although that’s easier said than done ;).

  20. Freh says:

    That would make sense. This would be her first big growth spurt since I went back to work. It’s one thing to just nurse more often and another to see the numbers.

  21. That is true, which I can imagine is making it more stressful... but I would really advice just to go along with it and before you know it, things hopefully will return to normal.

  22. Freh says:

    We’ve tried a little bit of solids. She doesn’t always get the concept of swallowing yet though.

  23. Freh says:

    My baby rarely cries, but she is extremely vocal in other ways. She yells about nearly everything good or bad. Even when she’s in a great mood all day she can be exhausting sometimes cause she is just constantly loud.

  24. Freh says:

    But… that’s leopard print.

  25. I totally started a project like this -

  26. Freh says:

    I didn’t understand the hype around corner to corner blankets until I realized they were just:

  27. 10 stitch blankets are also just "cast on 10. Pick a stitch. knit that for a bit. Now make a corner. Knit, while attaching every row to the edge of the earlier work. When you get to the end of the edge (on the first corner this will be right away), turn the corner again. Repeat until you're out of yarn/patience/space/are crushed by the weight of your blanket (whatever comes last)."

  28. Freh says:

    Are those the ones that wind up with a spiral(ish) pattern to them? I always assumed they required more planning.

  29. Seconded that this is a dahlia :) Some can grow as big as your head!

  30. Freh says:

    Oh wow. I didn’t even recognize it cause I’ve never seen one that big.

  31. Freh says:

    I gained about 70lbs while pregnant. I could have eaten a little better, but my husband even agrees that I didn’t eat that much differently than I normally do, my body just held onto everything it could. I lost about 30lbs within a couple weeks of giving birth and then rest is still hanging around 3 months later.

  32. Sorry if this is unhelpful but almost never. I have 3 kids now, 2 in full time school and one who is about to start preschool and I never get sick. I myself started daycare at 10 days old because my mum worked there and I guess maternity leave was very poor back then. I credit my fantastic immune system to how often I was sick as a kid, I think it did wonders and I don't stress about my kids catching the usual kid lurgies now

  33. Freh says:

    It’s actually nice to hear that some people aren’t just constantly sick for months.

  34. I caught every damn thing. Turns out if they sneeze on your eyeballs there is just no helping it.

  35. Freh says:

    All day I’ve been covering her face with a burp cloth when she sneezes. Maybe I can at least keep dad from getting sick too.

  36. I sometimes find social gatherings a bit overwhelming. I love being able to escape for a breather with my baby to nurse 🙂

  37. Freh says:

    I definitely ran away from my husband’s family reunion to sit by the lake with the baby.

  38. Freh says:

    Yesterday my husband put our daughter in a shirt with a square neckline. I looked at it for a second and went “isn’t that backwards?” He pointed out that the neckline is the same on both sides and it makes more sense for the buttons to be on the front, so I let it go. Then a couple hours later I noticed a tag pop out under her chin. 😂

  39. I have a cheap, lightweight backpack from Amazon. I keep a pair of clean clothes and a bib in a gallon ziploc, a flat diaper or muslin blanket instead of a changing pad, a wetbag and one diaper per 2 hours plus one extra, and a small plastic tub of disposable wipes. The inner small zipper pocket holds my wallet and keys. There are a couple of diaper pins attached to the inner lining. Small outer pockets hold sunscreen, a paci, sunhat or winter hat, a tiny bottle of lanolin, some raisins because preschoolers, and a stack of napkins leftover from lunch.

  40. Freh says:

    I was definitely thinking that I might be better off leaving a lot of the extra stuff in the car when we’re out running errands. We usually just change her in the trunk when we’re out and about anyway.

  41. Freh says:

    I was definitely thinking that I might be better off leaving a lot of the extra stuff in the car when we’re out running errands. We usually just change her in the trunk when we’re out and about anyway.

  42. Freh says:

    I really wanted to have our daughters middle name be Acadia, but my husband couldn’t get behind it cause of the car.

  43. That’s really pretty, it sounds like a princess from medieval times. Didn’t know about the car reference. Who is coming up with these car names!?

  44. Freh says:

    There is a national park in Maine called Acadia, and car companies love to name their vehicles after cool, adventurous places. 🤷‍♀️

  45. doesn’t the blue band just go around her head? or is it sewed in the figure 8 pattern?

  46. Freh says:

    It’s sewn into the figure 8.

  47. that’s strange….hook it on her ears? 🧐

  48. Freh says:

    Mask training for babies. 😂

  49. Freh says:

    It’s a messenger bag. The straps attach to the leather, ans the canvas tore right at the top of the leather piece.

  50. 39 +6 here... I have nothing but complaints.... I finally started cramping last night but now it's not consistent and the hospital said to only come in when it's 5 minutes apart..... This is the worse type of teasing I've come across .... Hang in there.... We can be miserable together

  51. Freh says:

    I’m also 39+6. Last night I had contractions about 10 minutes apart for like two hours and then they just stopped. “The worst type of teasing” is definitely a good way to describe it.

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