1. Me, too. I’m an amateur painter and I’ve done tons of sketches and paintings from life (ie… nude models), so I can see him undressed when he’s dressed and everything sags and stinks.

  2. I did once post a sketch of Hillary and when a oeoininsuggested we use it for this sub, I got scared so I deleted it. 😬😬😬I’ve done a couple of him but I doubt I’ll share. Sorry pepino.

  3. Hijacking top comment to point out

  4. In the past 6 hours, there are dozens of posts which most all popular reposts. Is this a bot account?

  5. Kerry Gold is $ 7.29 at my local supermarket !

  6. I think it’s deliberate and creepy and that you should get a lock (do it yourself and override the landlord - they’re not expensive), or one of those door jam things. Get out ASAP.

  7. So there's something called throttle panic, it's a combination of the natural force of the bike moving and throwing you back, and your instinct to hold on tightly. This is explained in clarity and the utmost importance on how you should and shouldn't react in these situations. Despite recognition of this event and how even level headed motorcyclists will still fall victim to this it's widely accepted that you will at one point most likely do this as a grown adult, even if it's for a second or two. A child's brain, reflexes, cool is not developed enough to put them into this much of an advanced situation and expect them to react efficiently. Stupid as hell

  8. It was an awful storyline. First Andrea doesn’t get to go to Yale , then she finally has some fun and dates and then gets pregnant . THEN her boyfriend pressures her into keeping a baby she doesn’t want. THEN they have to get married because Aaron spelling loved solving women’s problems with a wedding . THEN Andrea has a traumatic birth and the baby has health issues . I hated all of it . Andrea deserved better .

  9. Andrea worked so hard and all she got was an old Honda pulling a U-Haul. They did her dirty.

  10. Yes Dan! If the writers couldn’t hide her real life pregnancy they could have done so much with her pregnancy. They could have done who is the father storyline or maybe even an adoption storyline.

  11. I don’t realize Gabrielle was pregnant irl! Maybe she could have went to Yale for a few months and then returned home.

  12. Kim posted a picture of her and Oprah from this event. The caption was basically saying happy birthday to oprah.

  13. If you clean the pot or have to buy a new one, leave it in your room and don’t let her use it.

  14. I missed Jim and Cindy. I wish they could have stayed, I don’t buy them leaving their house in BH and moving to Japan.

  15. How else did the 50+ passengers disappear? Where did the flight go? What about the wreckage recovered at the scene? Have you put any thought into this at all, or are you just regurgitating trendy chan-lite shit?

  16. i've seen that too, in fact the photographer of that photo took this photo as well, she accompanied the group to Dulles Airport

  17. I too remember the days where people could accompany you to the gate who weren’t flying.

  18. People defending his behavior are pretty funny. If this guy was not a celebrity what he is doing would not be okay. Dude clearly threw his car in front of the line of cars. It's not okay to be an adult lunatic. I would film him too if he was being a nut job blocking traffic.

  19. I’m surprised how many people are defending his actions because he doesn’t want to be filmed and blame the lady. Regular people who don’t wanna be filmed in this sub don’t get that pass.

  20. I wish I could go shopping at Kmart. I’d go early in the morning and get biscuits and gravy from the cafe then spend a couple hours wandering the store. The Martha Stewart line was absolute favorite.

  21. Our sub was banned almost a month ago. Really sorry about that. We tried to follow the rules, but in the end, there wasn’t much we could do to stop our users from brigading other subreddits, so the admins banned us.

  22. I wondered what happened to that sub, it was one of my daily favorites. I had no idea that the users were brigading the mods in the other subs, but that doesn’t surprise me.

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