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  1. 0.001!! You sir are Dedicated

  2. Why would you need a lot of info in your header? I've never seen that.

  3. I would like to include my series title, episode number, episode title, date and page number.

  4. for reals, thought I was catching a cold and it was pollen.

  5. Lol, I swear it’s worse this year than ever before.

  6. Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, recorded a video in which he vowed with fellow politicians to remain in Kyiv and fight against Russia rather than run away.

  7. I have to work a 6 hour shift before I can watch it, but I am very excited

  8. I have a three hour exam in the morning. We’ll get through it…

  9. I think that echo took the shot but not on kingpin.....or maybe someone came in between like daredevil who might be revealed in the disney+ echo

  10. Everyone making excuses that “it was an off screen death” need to recognise that is besides the point. The issue remains that they didn’t introduce Kingpin into the MCU with care. Kingpin was treated like some expendable street thug. They didn’t even explain how Hawkeye knows him. There’s tons of backstory that was never addressed. Kingpin is calculating and manipulative. Neither of those traits were portrayed well in the finale. Shame on you Kevin Fiege for letting this happen.

  11. Completely agree, the finale was too rushed to properly do Kingpin justice. He didn’t even have a scene with Hawkeye!

  12. Let the devs do their jobs. Give them time. Stop complaining. Game developement takes a while, and since we don’t want a Lego version of cyberpunk 2077’s launch, let’s not push too much for the game to release.

  13. Hey man, absolutely agree. Didn’t mean the complaint towards the developers, I meant it more as a complaint towards the pandemic, which was obviously the reason for the delays. The devs should be allowed to have as long as they need, it’s just a shame it couldn’t have come out as they intended it to.

  14. i bet she’d run poker tables like nobodys business, gonna have to train my future kids to win me money

  15. Your clones will be very impressive, you will be very proud.

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