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Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED - International

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  1. yeah, it’s really good! better with chocolate ice cream though

  2. Has anyone used a Microcenter Brand SD card in their switch? I recently got one for free and was going too put it in but saw a lot of things about data corruption so I wanted to see if anyone else was using them and had problems?

  3. I haven't heard of people using them, but that doesn't mean they're bad. Probably not fake. I would check the reviews on their site.

  4. It has a read speed of 80mbs and a write of 15mbs which I read in reviews is slow, but does that really matter on the switch?

  5. the complete flooding of the island and season 3’s battle pass

  6. It better release to na tomorrow otherwise we gonna have some problems

  7. Yeah pretty good but you could also use Newegg's promo code 2021EGGIEUPS for 10% off which would make the pc only cost 990

  8. thank you so much!! is there any difference between that pc and this one :

  9. Hey, for anyone who’s thinking of hunting for any of the new villagers using the campsite method, I highly recommend it! I’m looking for Shino right now, and at least for me the campsite currently seems to be cycling through all the new villagers! So far I’ve seen Frett, Zoe, Ace, Faith, Tiansheng, Ione, and Petri consecutively! I’m really hopeful I’m gonna get Shino at some point today :)

  10. Same here. Can't get the badge to clear on the settings app. Have around 15GB free.

  11. same here, have the update fully downloaded yet it will not install, have 11GB free. Let me know if you find a solution

  12. I have a XS Max and debating using the Verizon deal to upgrade to the 13 or 13 Pro, which one is best, I would still have to pay for the 13 pro, around 200$ dollars but the 13 is essentially free, and ships faster

  13. I'd do some sort of stone column to contrast the wood, look more supportive, and fill up space more.

  14. yeah id probably make the pillar out of different types of stones and stairs and walls and stuff, what do you mean about the cool pattern with the cross beams though

  15. Turn down brightness to moody and if u use badlion or lunar turn off full bright if none of that works there’s a file in Minecraft u can find to turn down gamma (idk where to find it someone else here will know or look it up)

  16. okay, it’s just rlly weird cause it’s only on hypixel smp

  17. Did we go back to randomized tiers after 70?

  18. I can’t find these under her upload section either, but when clicking the link it’s there on her page. I’m confused

  19. it’s showing up on everyone’s recommendations I think too, this is weird asf

  20. How did you come across this? It’s like she has secret unlisted videos

  21. it legit came up in my recommended randomly and my friend got a weird one for when the party’s over

  22. Are all the songs on it? Than its notmal. If not check the plastic wrap if it says something, or go to walmart and see what the cart thingy under the profuct says

  23. no it’s really weird, it ends with she, and then the second vinyl starts again with golden, really weird

  24. how did you make the stickers? I wanna make them for apex and valorant but my method to doing them has them come out crappy lol

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