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  1. Why the hell didn’t you get the brown trout graphic wrap? You’ll never catch fish in that monstrosity.

  2. Completely agree. Made some last week that were amazing, and nothing like that cloying Manwich concoction!!

  3. My kids refuse to eat real sloppy Joes and will only eat manwich. They have a bold and spicy that borders on palatable, but I still feel like my kids are broken.

  4. They can last a lifetime. My 5000c is more than 30 years old.

  5. I picked one up used at a sale, cleaned it, oiled it, respooled it and took it out. Hooked into a monster catfish that smoked the drag and snapped something else inside, it was very disappointing.

  6. It also screws up the position of the lap belt and can do serious internal organ damage.

  7. Listening to country music. I always assume they’re self absorbed enough to find pop music entertaining but are also closet racists.

  8. As a Canadian I will allow universal healthcare and legalizing of weed, psychedelics and MDMA.

  9. By defend we mean welcome, as long as you bring donuts and syrup. Other that it’s an obvious declaration of war.

  10. Why would Canadians need you to bring syrup? Their blood is at least 40% syrup

  11. I’m already annoyed at the thought of my wife saying she just wants a salad then trying to pick off my plate.

  12. Yukon golds don't store like russets. I like the flavor so I buy them, but in small quantities and I keep an eye on them.

  13. Buy whatever you need for a meal, or plan meals around what you bought. Rotten potato is not a good smell.

  14. Even if you’re a fucking wizard with magical lightning powers you do not get into that fight.

  15. What weight percentage of rodent droppings makes bread non-vegan? Asking for science.

  16. Neither is saying it’s happening nowadays. On the first day the universe was born, on the second day people did shit, on the third day they told people about the shit they did, then on the fourth day people just started assuming shit, on the fifth day people started assuming that people assuming was new and started bitching about it.

  17. You know, I’m sitting here in Michigan going “do we have anything other than koegels?”

  18. Holy shit, we’re you at my cabin last week? Because when I got up there Saturday some asshat tied a perch rig and a bobber on my 6wt.

  19. Yes, it was me. I cabin squat all summer and leave a trail of redworm containers, natty light cans and trout bones in my wake.

  20. Can’t have been you, the only cans I had to pick up were high life tall boys. Most have been some other degen.

  21. I’m confused, do we wrap it in bacon to season?

  22. Slow down and focus on smooth overlapping lines, you’re wasting a bunch of effort blasting away all willy nilly.

  23. Depends on the relationship but considering where you posted this, I’d say it’s not very good. My oldest would think this would be hilarious, but we all have a great relationship with him and he’s going through a “let’s roast each other” phase.

  24. My dad used to tell us this when we were kids. Every time we were obstinate little assholes he would just look at us and say “remember, keeping you alive is costing me a Ferrari.” Fortunately he didn’t actually want a Ferrari.

  25. It kind of looks like a flat Domra to me, or 4 stringed Buzuki more than a banjo

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