2,000 years ago a guy was preaching about dissolving ego and going to the higher realms, the Kingdom. He spent most of his time praying and fasting in isolation in the mountains. He was murdered by Government and Religion for freeing too many people from the Matrix. He fights with us today

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Something isn't adding up

  1. Wong, ironheart then black panther then Odin…instant win

  2. Straight ticket voting is an insane way to live

  3. So anyone who dies vaccinated died from vaccine, anyone who dies without the vaccine, does of Covid. Sounds like everyone wins

  4. This shits getting old, how many courts have to prove you wrong before you move on?

  5. They wanted people they are housing for free to follow their guidelines, that doesn’t seem like a conspiracy.

  6. Some people while immunocompromised for whatever reason can't have vaccinations. So it would be them evicting the family because the kids body may not tolerate the vaccine.

  7. I continuously wonder if any nuclear weapons will be used again by any nation and at this point they are just a fun threat for fear

  8. He can’t speak without lying, no Trump supporter should want him to attempt to speak under oath

  9. I think they realize the more pilots coming out with information on big platforms, the harder it is to hide. They will probably give us “information” they find and continue to hide most of everything they actually know.

  10. Comment on puppy posts and bring that karma up, then get back at it

  11. Is he talking to the U.S. or the world? Cause I don’t know about all that

  12. They don’t need them, they live next to a whole country of good guys with guns

  13. He didn’t bring down anything, I’m sorry

  14. She said nothing like what ye said, y’all wild

  15. What’s the difference between forced and recommended?

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