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Good morning SuperStonk! Aenimus TCG once again with a giveaway. This one is special, as EVERY entry will get 2 guaranteed NFTs! We would like to introduce you to the main mechanic behind the game. Structures! We are also beginning the test play phase. Visit the sub if you'd like to become a tester!

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  1. This is amazing, I might have missed part 3 but I won't miss this one.

  2. P3 is still available here, it will also go out next Tuesday;

  3. I've intentionally not alerted the bot. The excitement and drive following even bigger drs numbers is way more rewarding than the karma

  4. Ugh sorry. I thought we had weekends off.

  5. This a Spaces co-working office. I've worked for them in Luxembourg.

  6. For clarification: this is the official adress of FTX Switzerland, FTX Certificates, FTX Derivatives and FTX Europe

  7. This is actually common practice, specially here in Luxembourg where Glacial was. Companies get the basic setups just to qualify for tax exemptions, and they need a physical address.

  8. Under swiss law, if you want your company to pay taxes in Switzerland, the day to day leading of operation needs to be done in Switerland. Courts already ruled that if you fly your board to Geneva for a meeting every quarter, it doesn't count.

  9. Hey buddy, this one is closed but stick around for the next one.

  10. And of course it was yeety 😂 I love the group that's building here, it's gonna keep growing into a fantastic community!

  11. Thanks bro 💜 Come visit the Aenimus sub to make sure you catch'em all!

  12. This one will remain open until Monday! Spread the word and visit the Aenimus sub!

  13. It is not. You're 100% spot on with your judgement of it. This is AA grade bud.

  14. Thanks does the bot send the addresses to your account or how do you retrieve the list of L2 addys if you dont mind me asking

  15. Is there an easier way that you know of to send nfts "all at once" rather than one at a time?

  16. It's even possible to play it in early game due to the Ephemeral Cost by Discard and Burning instead of paying for the Mana.

  17. Holy Heck! this is my fav NFT to date! so dang stoked about this. thank you sooo sooo sooo much! what a badass creation!

  18. And people like you allow Gamers to keep Dreaming and Gaming. Props on all your doing for web3, NFT's, The future of Gaming, and well for supporting my Favorite Company! Super stoked you are here. <3

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