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  2. for today’s outfit i was really inspired by the undone aspect of elemental. i see elemental as a potential left counterpoint to refined on the right, with refinement representing the combining and processing of elements. elemental to me is unrefined, raw energy, flowing, instinctive, the primordial soup. which is just a flowery way of saying that i love the visible seams and frayed hem of this top. it has a cool sensual and enveloping effect with the thumbholes as well.

  3. I love this! Totally felt that with the shirt. Unique interpretation that fits so well with LD!

  4. I really love the keyword of Elemental and decided to do a moodboard for each element I connected with:

  5. Such powerful looks. Red can look really intimidating, but the feminine details and cuts make it somewhat softer. Great interpretation!

  6. Red is a harder color for me as I’m a soft color season, but Rihanna who I also think is a Soft Summer, demonstrates cooler reds which is what I wear. I think red embodies bold sensuality and a brightness with its direct impact. I love that it can be sophisticated and sensual. As a Lady Heretic and Siren Mix, I also need that enveloping and intriguing aspect and I think the color red does that. It draws you in, turns heads and provoked a visceral response. The fabric choices also provide that inner sensuality I need as well.

  7. I am almost 5'7, that is pretty borderline for SC (it's capped at 5'6) from what I looked up. I think I'm pretty limited!

  8. Ok so I would still consider it because you’re not 5’7, which means you’re 5’6 and some inches. If you were a solid 5’7 or above I would scratch if off then. But you’re still under the 5’6 umbrella so it’s counts imo. grace Kelly was 5’6 1/2 and she’s a classic so I would look into Classic as a type also if it matches your type.

  9. Okay well, then it's definitely possible from what the characteristics were when I searched it up. I thought of that type but knew it was unlikely due to height. I'll do more research!

  10. Black to me brings a dark, sensuality with direct confidence. I use black as a power color. I love it with celestial themes and feel it has a strong impact.

  11. Love it! I really like a lot of the elements you've included here. I, too, love black paired with celestial themes. Also, that cat picture was my phone background for a long time.

  12. I'm not R+D, but I am a Kibbe DC and the need for simple lines resonates with me. Anything too fussy and I stop looking like "me", regardless of quadrant (I am L+ something).

  13. Absolutely :-) I thought she was a spicy girl next door, but I'm so glad to see her being typed as an explorer. From all the confirmed explorers I like her style the most. She has that uniform kind of dressing, which is characteristic of explorers, but her looks always have that little special touch which gives them just a right amount of edge and interest. This is something I aspire to do, so I will definitely look into her style more.

  14. I can see that! I like seeing this version of both formal and informal for explorer. Having the whole dimension across the board looks really shows the essence off better I think.

  15. I have one next week! Very excited. I’m probably gonna post about it after because i love sharing my journey with this sub. Hopefully that + anyone else giving their experience will help. Good luck!

  16. We (the mods) will be creating tags for testimonials and a sub link so people can easily find it. Make sure to tag one of the mods when you do post please!

  17. Can we, going forward, title the posts "Color challenge - color - quadrant + archetype"?

  18. If you scroll down on the posts, people have often put in their comments why they chose what they chose. Their quadrant/archetype placement should be next to their name as a flair or mentioned in their post. If you see something of interest to you, don’t hesitate to leave a comment asking the OP to explain more!

  19. Love this! Do you know where I could get the wrap sweater middle left?

  20. Oh, I adore that coat on the bottom left corner! 😍 Wherever did you find something so amazing??!

  21. Thank you so much! It’s actually petite so it wouldn’t work for me but it’s Karen Miller

  22. So sorry everyone, was trying to do a mod thing and deleted the previous post. Please feel free to repost your comments! Sorry again!

  23. Thank you! I actually do love brown, it just tends to show up mostly in shoes and jewelry for me. So, figuring out what it means for me is going to be a bit more of a struggle than green. But, it will be fun getting there!

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