1. Do you know where Team Langoustine are usually based? The closing of Bleu Nord seems to have scuppered the private operators

  2. I think they have the old Thomas Cook site (RIP as it was amazing!)

  3. It’s really easy to stop them and pretty much all gang crime in London but the CPS and Parliament refuse to pass the laws needed to crack down, the CPS can’t be arsed to prosecute and the Treasury has an extreme phobia of building anything, but especially of building new prisons to expand capacity.

  4. You can literally get a Boxster or Cayman for this money. Maybe a ropey 911. Madness.

  5. Yeah that’s definitely true, only way to justify a £47k price tag is for it to be that much faster and teched out but from what I’ve seen it’s barely got any more horsepower so it won’t be blowing the old one out of the water

  6. I understand that, but if they want to charge £16k extra over the previous model, it needs to be vastly superior in either the performance side of things or the rest of the car has to be a big upgrade over the older one

  7. For a start it doesn’t look like a boy racers wet dream, that’s worth a few grand.

  8. There might be a subconscious psychological reason (assuming they aren’t weirdos) people do this. Also linked to the ‘paradox of choice’ concept maybe.

  9. Full week tickets are sold out. Starting tomorrow there will be “Test + Race” tickets available. Which gives the same access as week tickets minus Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Grand Stand have been sold out sine about 24 hours after they went on sale.

  10. Who knows? I’m not even sure the ACO knows, but one of the responses above seems to say that they have sold out. There are Wed/Thu and Sat/Sun tickets available.

  11. Profit accumulator is famous for selling data to the bookies. Use OddsMonkey instead

  12. It was chatted about in forums couple of years ago

  13. Surely you trust that any seller should get the basics correct?? Make, model, mileage etc??? To me at least, the car being on the insurance register is one of those basic bits of key information.

  14. I’m afraid you can’t really do anything apart from asking for a bigger courtesy car or asking for your car back.

  15. Yep I suspect so. Just worried they will say no to both, and then we are a bit stuck. And even with a bigger courtesy car, my husband cannot do his job.

  16. Bake Off. It used to be about baking. Now it’s just overly saccharine soft people making ice cream.

  17. Because she was 4 inches shorter and 10kg bigger than her profile.

  18. I was thinking about it. But accommodation is the biggest issue for me. Don’t want to camp but the hotel prices have ballooned

  19. Yess! Plan on going in my MX5, will work out the logistics of that at some point... haha

  20. I bet! Try hearing Denise Lewis tell you that you're a real runner now!

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