1. Part of me wants to say KH3, but I think it's because the game had too much expectations just because of all the loose ends the series created over time.

  2. i love the entire Tales of Berseria cast, but i genuinely can't imagine them without Magilou. she brings out the best in all of them

  3. I can imagine all the characters being together without her, but she definitely helps bringing everyone out of their edgy shells.

  4. Getting back into elden ring, playing DQ8, took a break from FF13-2 and gonna get back into MH rise once the last update comes out. Just gonna be cycling through those games for a while at least.

  5. I see the anime ending as the good ending when he just accepted the forced evolution. I never seen the 3rd ending so I can't say on that. And I see the end of Evangelion as the "bad" ending

  6. You're not the only one struggling to push through to the story. I hated the overworld, combat, and enemies blocking all the damn time too. Glad you like the story and characters but your best bet is to change it to the easiest mode there is and play for the story's sake

  7. Zestiria. Almost dropped the whole series because of it. Luckily berseria fixed that for me but damn was zestiria a rough start into the series

  8. You get tons of credit for sticking with it and being enough of a fan to post on Reddit. What a game to start with..

  9. I didn't finish zestiria. I made it as far as the final villain introducing himself in that desert I believe. When the hero gets separated and meets that woman after waking up. That's as far as I've gotten. Wasn't having any fun, and it took a long while before I gave berseria a shot. Berseria combat is its own bad of crazy but at least the characters and story were plenty to keep me going through with it.

  10. I do love the dual blades in rise just because I feel like Levi when just running around with evade extender.

  11. World of final fantasy and tales of berseria. From the brother sister ranting, 4th wall breaking, and interactions between some of the other FF characters is hard not to find it funny. Then you got magilou in berseria who's just amazing at being funny and annoying at the same time

  12. I'm still surprised at how he came back. Like, I get it through time travel but did xehanort just travel back and put a piece of his heart in him to travel to the future?

  13. I feel attacked for kisara. She was the only one who can survive that witch she her pet dragon's ultimate attack.

  14. Very late into getting into the series. Said it was on my watch list for the longest time but finally sat down to watch it. Almost got bored of it until right after that angel that was born in a volcano. Cause that's when the story started to get more interesting for me. Loved it, biggest regret is not watching it sooner.

  15. Scarlet nexusand tales of arise. Both had a good solid beginning, middle can be better but the ending was dragged on so long i almost regret playing them for their endings. My first playthrough of scarlet nexus when I reached that final chapter i was legit getting mad because it was a long ass hallway leading to the next big area for enemies to spawn that was dragged out by their armor needing to break first before you can easily kill them. Only for another group to spawn and rinse and repeat. For tales of arise its simply about the story. Bosses having huge HP is no surprise to stretch it out, but they kept dragging out the story to the point where I was just screaming to myself about wanting it to end. Both games offered different experiences that I wasn't expecting and actually enjoyed, but damn were their endings very underwhelming imo.

  16. I loved that little nuke she made, but I still chose sora just for the moves he had on him compared to the rest.

  17. The shortest one I've played that wasn't pokemon is probably world of final fantasy. Turn based combat, catching monsters mechanic similar to pokemon. Can be beaten in about 30 hours. I stretched mine to under 50 just cause I fell in love with the game and got everything I could out of it, but it can be beaten in roughly 30 hours

  18. Very recently was harvestella. Ima still beat it, but I'm not nearly as hooked as I was initially even after understanding the multiple jobs. Another one that comes to mind is probably tales of zestiria. It was my first time playing a tales game and I almost quit the series because zestiria left that bad of an impression. Luckily I played berseria and things quickly changed but man was zestiria a bad intro for me.

  19. Depends. If the part is that rare I'm done. If it's out of bad skill I'll improve and start over. If I cart once in under 5 minutes then I keep fighting and assume ima lose and just aim for breaking parts. If it's time limit then I'm just not gonna fight it again until I have better gear

  20. If you like monster hunter rise you can get the game even going for $40 because of how many hours you can easily invest in that game. Ignore what people have to say regarding the recent console ports because they may be biased about not having any cross save. Still a fun game, but if you have to then play it safe and get it on sale

  21. Don't abandon the series just cause a bad start. Arise and zestiria will give you different expectations throughout the series however. Best to take it easy and start with vesperia and wait until symphonia gets a patch update. Can't go wrong with berseria EXCEPT for combat. That's hit or miss on people who liked it. However it does have one of the best party members in recent JRPG so if you can stomach that games combat you are in for a treat imo.

  22. Who needs the power of friendship when you have the stopping power of a 9mm by your side.

  23. Idc for its design tbh but the fight i think was very cinematic. Was expecting everyone to jump in on the action from the story at one point.

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